Essay Sample Paper on Exotic Pets

Essay Sample Paper on Exotic Pets

Did you know that there are more exotic animals kept as pets than there are left in the wild? Exotic pets are usually bought through the illegal wildlife trade. Many people use these pets as a symbol of wealth and luxury. In the past couple of years, owning exotic pets have increased intensely in the United Arab Emirates. It has become a trend to show them off through social media and other platforms, while on the other hand not taking proper care of them. Exotic animals are very difficult to take care of, as they require several specific needs to stay healthy. People should stop keeping exotic animals as pets because they rightly belong in the wild; where they are not a threat to the ecosystem. Governmental organizations and people should start raising more awareness about the torture that these animals face while being shown off as a luxury. In the recent past, the exotic pets have extended to both the reptiles and amphibians. This has given more worries to the selfless animals’ lives. Nonetheless, many people have extended to give more services to the reptiles and amphibians (Hulme 1419). For example, the Madagascan Burrowing frog has some striking colors that are very attractive and have the frogs have low maintenance requirements. Additionally, the people remain very committed in offering quality advice and care information about the exotic pets. This makes it sound influencing for more people to acquire the exotic pets. However, it should be noted with cation that it is inappropriate for one to own the exotic pets illegally.

No matter how hard these owners try to imitate a natural environment for their exotic pets, they will always fail, owners quickly realize that the animal they have bought is not adaptable (Henn,2015). It is really hard for these wild animals to get used to a different environment. Taking an animal from its natural habitat and keeping it in captivity causes some of these animals to suffer from psychological distress and this can affect their physical health (Kantamneni, 2014). In a sense of caution, most of the arising infectious diseases are from the exotic pets kept at homes. The emergence of this infectious diseases comes from the experimental set ups by human habitats that try to make the exotic pets feel comfortable (Kruse 2004). To reduce such risk there is need by the people and governments to be enlightened and educated on various risks. For example, the public should be worn about the bush meat arising from the exotic pets and exotic trade pets and proper surveillance measures implemented by governments.

The hardest task that many of these owner’s face is the specific diet that exotic animals need. Wild animals require a certain diet that is not as easy to provide, in comparison to domestic pets. Many owners are reckless about this topic and would feed them anything, which might harm the animal’s health (Bigcat,2012). Eventually these actions will cause the animal to be ill and in order not to endure the extensive medical bills, owners will abandon their exotic pets. Many people do not realize how bad their actions might affect the environment. Usually when the owners cannot take care of the pet they will just release it for instance in a forest. This kind of release poses a threat to the public, and a threat to the local species in the area (Henn,2016).

In conclusion, the economic effects of the exotic pets should be put in consideration. Many countries across the world depends on the tourism wildlife to generate income through tourist attraction. For example, in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda generate a reputable amount of the income. The income from such sectors adds up to billions of shillings leading to economic boost. Similarly, in the united states the hunting jobs contributes to about $ 70,000 jobs. This shows that illegal exotic business is a menace (Hulme 1419). Owning exotic pets has become a really common phenomenon. Many people think it’s a symbol of wealth and luxury, but do they know how the animal suffers? These animals are really hard to take care of. The majority of people who own exotic pets eventually abandon them. This issue is getting out of control and more people should start raising awareness.



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