Essay Sample on Portfolio Cover Letter


Dear portfolio reader, it is my joy to introduce you to my writing journey. So far, I have written many different essays, but in this cover letter, I will only capture two essays. The first essay titled the issue of unisex bathrooms in the United States is a critical evaluation of unisex bathrooms in USA with an aim of helping the  reader to understand the issue in a better way. With the help of this essay, I was able to evaluate a controversial issue and determine appropriate action required in order to resolve the issue.

The second essay titled Happy by Pharrell Williams is a textual analysis of the elements and techniques that Pharrell Williams uses in his song, Happiness, to appeal to the audience. With the help of this essay, I have been able to analyze the different methods that song writers and singers use to appeal to the members of the audience. I have moved from just identifying the different methods to evaluating the roles they play in the song.


While writing the two essays, I received feedback from my tutor. At times, the feedback was encouraging while at other times, it discouraged me to a certain extent. However, in both cases I was able to revise my essays and improve my writing skills. In the future, I will utilize my learning from the feedback to write more clearly and express myself in the right way. I will also use the feedback as my stepping-stone to improving my writing skills.


I have learned several things from the course WRT 102. Firstly, I have learned that I need to plan for my essays way before I start writing them. I have particularly learnt that I need to schedule time to develop the outline, conduct research and gather materials to be used in the essay. Before taking this course, I did not follow a logical process when writing my essays, but now that I have learned, I will follow the guidelines while writing. Secondly, I learnt how to differentiate and write different types of essays. I can now say that I know the difference between a research paper and a report. Furthermore, I know the difference between a properly researched argument and a textual analysis. Thirdly, I have also learnt about the different writing methods and how to use them effectively. Besides learning different methods, I have also learnt how to write in a creative and engaging manner (Leso 44). For example, I have learnt how to appeal to anybody reading my essay through ethos, appeals and pathos. As a good writing practice, I will be using this strategy to appeal to my audiences.

In terms of transferring what I have learnt from this course to other academic, as well as professional writing situations, I will henceforth be able to express my thoughts in a more comprehensive manner than I was doing before. With this skill, I will not only be able to share my thoughts with anybody reading my work in clear way, but I will also be able to express those thoughts in the right way (Leso 44). It is my belief that I will be able to score high marks in academics because I will be able to express myself easily and with clarity. It is also my belief that anybody reading my work will enjoy it.




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