Sample Research Paper on Majoring in Industrial Engineering

Majoring in industrial engineering

A career in industrial engineering involves working in both manufacturing and service industry. In the manufacturing industry, industrial engineers concern themselves with applying scientific theory in producing goods. The focus is usually on machines, production materials and scientific methods. On the other hand, in the service industry, industrial engineers concern themselves with designing systems and processes for offering quality services to consumers (Princeton Review, 2005). Generally, a career in this field of study concerns itself with determining the most efficient ways of using the basic factors of production for the enhancement of the production processes. With such a focus, industrial engineers deal with people, energy, machines and information among other relevant factors of production to make products or offer services to the people in an efficient manner (University of Buffalo, 2010). As industrial engineers do this, they enhance productivity in industries and other areas life by managing people, technology and methods of business organization.

The most interesting thing about majoring in industrial engineering is that unlike other engineering majors, a major in this field of study deals with social sciences and life sciences because they affect people. This is in relation to the fact that a major in this field of study deals with science, people, and technology (Jones, & Chung, 2007). In other words, the fact that engineers in this field of study deal with people rather than dealing with products and processes only makes industrial engineering major an interesting field of study. Therefore, as an industrial engineer I would concern myself with designing systems that enhance the quality of life for consumers and producers rather than concerning myself with systems that enhance the quality of life of producers only. This aspect enhances my interest in industrial engineering because as an engineer in this field of study I would still have an opportunity to learn more about people.

Upon evaluating what industrial engineering major is all about in this research paper, I have established that in order to be effective in this major one has to apply mathematical methods in various areas of production. Earlier on, I thought a career in this field of study deals with controlling machines and processes rather than dealing with mathematical concepts. Inasmuch as I like mathematics, I do not like bothering myself with mathematical concepts all the times. In other words, I do not like the idea that if I become an industrial engineer, then I will keep on evaluating mathematical concepts all the times to enhance the production processes. However, this will not hinder me from becoming an industrial engineer because I understand the importance of industrial engineering in our lives. As indicated earlier on, industrial engineering enhances manufacturing processes by managing people, technology and methods of business organization with an aim of improving production processes (Baillie, Pawley, & Riley, 2012). By so doing, industrial engineering solves manufacturing problems and improves the quality of manufactured products. Based on this fact, industrial engineering is an important aspect of our world today.

In conclusion, my final thought about industrial engineering major is that even if it involves mathematical concepts in majority of its areas of specialization, it is an interesting field of study. This means that the fact that as an industrial engineer I will constantly refer to various mathematical concepts to solve some production related problems, my interest in this major has not changed. For this reason, I am still interested in majoring in industrial engineering, and based on this fact, I plan on pursuing this major. Nevertheless, I am surprised to learn that I might study some social and life sciences.


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