Sample Report Paper on Field Report Memo


This report is about the observations done during a field trip to the Prudhoe Bay oil field. This one of the largest oil fields in the United States and because of this fact, it was a good idea to visit the site and carry out observations on the events and various activities that were taking place on the site. Observations were mainly focused on the areas that were related to the mechanical engineering. This is because the observation was meant to further the knowledge of what was learned in classroom.


The field is operated solely by the BP oil and gas company, but owned by BP and other partners like the ExxonMobil and the ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.

Despite the mishaps like the oil spill of March 2006 and the shutdown of August 2006, the field still performs very well and is ranked as one of the most successful oil fields in the entire United States of America.

Method Used

Observation was the main method used during the trip and it was noticed that around 1000 wells are in place to serve oil to the processing centers through various pipes. From the processing centers, the oil was then pumped to the main station. It was also noticed that seawater was injected into the areas where oil materials were taken from. The seawater is mainly to replace the materials.


The oil field had many workers with various skills, including the mechanical engineers. According to the information received from one of the supervisors, the mechanical engineers were responsible for the well-laid designs and the upcoming developments observed in the oil filed. Engineers were almost in every part of the oil field, some were building and testing various prototypes, others improving the efficiency of the oil drilling process, and others still using their knowledge to improve or find ways to improve the drilled oil.

Mechanical engineers play a very important role in Prudhoe oil field. This is because of the various activities they were observed doing during the short trip. One could not fail to get the feeling that the whole oil field and the process involved depended on the mechanical engineers. The manager, who also holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, was responsible for overseeing all the activities and to make sure that everything was working well. The importance of basic units taught in school like the fluid dynamics, kinematics, and thermodynamics was very evident in the designing and constructing pipelines all over the oil field.


Sample Essay on Muslim Migration to Australia     Infrastructures like the workers houses, which enable workers to be actively engaged in oil field for a long period without going back home. Chimney and furnace were in place for burning excess gas, which have no use and is better burned off. Critical look at the oil field, one would notice that is just like a small town, which has almost everything its residents may need. This is because it seemed to have all the facilities, which support the workers, and the activities carried out within. The field has good designs and also a well-laid out disaster management plan


From the trip, it is clear that anyone who intends to work as mechanical engineer must ensure that they have knowledge of how to review information from the technical illustrations and data. They should also be able to translate data to useful information that might help crews, and top provide solutions to problems.


The oil field is well designed, but it should have more measures taken towards disaster management, for example, the disaster communication should include how to handle families of field workers in case anything happens.