Sample Paper on Project Management Summary

Procurement management is essential in ensuring that business needs are met within an organization. As such, it is important for the existence of collaboration between finance operations and human resources. Stakeholders form part of the human resource necessary for bringing about change needed for the success of any project. Their engagement helps in implementing any changes needed for the success of project. According to Eaton, there are five ways that procurement can be a success with the involvement of internal stakeholders. These ways includeidentification and support of important goals, provision of feedback, working together, assuming their roles and use of technology.

To begin with, assuming a stakeholder role involves understanding the various needs of stakeholders during procurement process. For example, time required for the process, volume of work and usage patterns among others are some issues that should not be overlooked. Secondly, identification and support involves determining stakeholder priority needed to achieve important stakeholder goals (Eaton). This means that some jobs may require the services of project workers within a short notice. As such, stakeholder needs will be prioritized. Thirdly, working together relates to putting key elements with stakeholders in order to ensure smooth flow of the procurement process. For example, agreeing on management methods, review processes and supplier selection are important in this process. Fourthly, providing feedback ensures stakeholders meet their objectives through provision of procured services that suit their purpose (Eaton). Finally, technology involves the use of systems that are not complex or cumbersome. This means that the procurement technology should be able to improve management through provision of timely information and aid in controlling usage of resources. Generally, the above steps help in improving stakeholder involvement during procurement and project management processes.


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