Sample Essay on what is Engineering

What is engineering?

Engineering is the science and art of solving problems using technical skills. It mainly concerns building, design, as well as use of machines, engines, and structures to solve problems affecting humans. Engineering can be described as the field of working insightfully to devise technologies that solve an existing problem in the human society. In essence, engineering is a branch of science that applies a combination of mathematics and technology to solve real problems with the primary aim of improving the world around us. There are various types of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, civil, nuclear, aerospace, structural, chemical, as well as biomedical engineering.

What do engineers do?

The primary work of engineers is to solve real world problems. Engineers organize, communicate, calculate, design, and perform other tasks to solve problems in the human society. Their work is to clearly define a problem, including its relevant constraints such as cost and time, and create a workable solution.They design, develop, evaluate, develop, modify, test, inspect, install, as well as maintain different kinds of systems and problems. Engineers do things such as designing and constructing houses, bridges, airplanes, and vehicles, among others.

How to succeed in engineering

A student needs to do a number of things to become successful in engineering. A student should understand his limits in terms of area of study. This helps to define the area of study in engineering and avoid wasting time on unnecessary work. Secondly, an engineering student needs to manage time well. It is also essential for a student to join an engineering club and study group, as well as be active and always complete homework.


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