Sample Essay on the Influence of Rapid Prototyping on Systems Engineering Processes

A prototype is an early version of a particular product that is waiting to be released.It is used to demonstrate or teach with about the original or the real product. It is designed for testing and trial purposes and provides a platform for the specifications of an actual and working system. Rapid prototyping involves quick production of a level model of a bodily part or assembly using three dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) data. Rapid prototyping has played a significant role in the field of mechanical engineering; there have emerged ways of creating and coming up with new ventures in this field. The following are some of the influences brought about by rapid prototyping:

Rapid prototyping has allowed the printing of 3-D Records, the records have great and amazing sound quality. Music has for a long time been a mode of communication and allowing 3-D printing of Records enhances the communication that is passed down through music. A refined sound system that captures the instrumentals used in the particular music and the polishing up of  the vocals in the song.

Rapid prototyping made it possible to modify a 3-D printer that turned custom sugary treats known as CHefJet 3-D printer for sugary treats. It is through the 3-D systems that have made it possible for Liz and Kyle to sell 3D printers for generating cookery creations.

There is self replication of raw materials or parts that can make or produce other printers on a process that is based on RepRap. Bukobot is the one responsible for printing the parts of coming up with another printer. This s advantageous such that it saves greatly on cost and the time used to gain access to such products. In this plat form, there is room for modification and improvement of the system according the users preference hence improving customization and satisfying the needs of the user. In cases where by there were problems associated with desktop printers, AirWolf 3D is the solution to it.

3d printing has greatly influenced the level and urge to engage in exploration, especially the space exploration. This has encouraged the knowledge of understanding the differences between the atmosphere with gravity and the zero gravity atmospheres.

In the manufacturing sector engineers have an added advantage since the sector gets an opportunity to make parts via the additive manufacturing. 3D printing in the aviation industry where the crafts are printed as they are designed hence improving and enhancing accuracy. Through rapid prototyping engineers are able to perform tests before bringing the actual product on dynamic evaluations.

The expansion of engineering knowledge has led to greater advancements in the locomotive industry. Cars and bicycles so far have been printed hence there are interested parties who have come into the construction of the printed bicycle by the use of nylon.

In the building and construction industry, engineers have ventured into 3D house printing, where they print the whole house design and they get a sample similar to the real product. This has greatly lowered the costs and the process is environmentally friendlier since less waste is usually left behind.

Rapid prototyping has influenced the printing of houses that are grain size yet in the actual sense they have taken huge surface area on the actual ground. The building of Nanostructures has been made possible by depositing molecules directly without the use of sensitive masks.

Rapid prototyping has come out with making work easier interesting and less workload and resources used in the entire processes.