Sample Essay on Power Electronics

Power electronics is the use of solid-state electronics with the control and conversion of electric power energy. It therefore deals with the design and computation of energy related systems that are electronic. In the contemporary, most of the conversion is carried out by devices that switch semiconductors like transistors and diodes where a lot of energy is processed in power electronics as opposed to electronic systems. AC/DC converter also called rectifier is an example of power electronic devices that is mostly in built in consumer electronic devices like battery chargers, computers and even the television sets. Power electronic devices can also be used as amplifiers and switches where when used, there is no dissipation of power. Diodes conduct when the forward voltage is applied and there is no control on the conduction

There are many examples of power electronics where one is the battery charger and a PCs power supply. In the battery chargers, they help to maintain voltage at a fixed rate. In the case of the pc converter, it performs the work of electronic isolation and corrects the power factor. The stepper motor and DC motors are used in the power electronics as actuators in the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy. The DC motor is able to achieve this by producing a continuous angular rotator motion. Its speed can be controlled making it a suitable device for use in the power electronics because speed control is required in this situation. Stepper motor actuates through the conversion of a pulse digital input into an increased mechanical movement.

The capability and capacity of a power electronic device is determined by the active motor devices that are available. Therefore, care and concern should be on these devices in order to

design the power electronic devices.


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