Sample Admission Essay on Aeronautics and Astronautics

I have always been fascinated with aircrafts, particularly when I see an aircraft passing tens of thousands of feet above my head. Every time I see an airplane pass, I wonder what suspends it in the air. More fascinating is the speed which airplanes move. Just like many kids, I loved playing with toys while I was a kid, and hardly would I keep a toy for a week without dismantling it to satisfy my curiosity. I also kept disturbing my father to explain to me why a large aircraft is capable of suspending and moving through the air with such speed. My father did not frustrate me: he bought me books that explained what I wanted to know. Since then, I have dedicated all my efforts to understand the theories behind aeronautics and astronautics to achieve success in my future career. These first steps played a key role in forming a strong foundation for my career.

My goal to attain a degree in engineering began during my high school time, when I developed an interest in mathematical physics. I endeavored to apply both disciplines in real-life situations. My passion for engineering has helped me to remain focused on schoolwork, which includes participating in science projects. During a science fair competition in the county, I won an individual prize in a mathematics competition and a group prize in a physics project. My college education also proved how dedicated I am in pursuing an aerospace degree. I was chosen as a student representative in aerodynamics class, and chairperson of Astronautics Students Union. I also attended several fairs in the State to represent our college. Competing in a group has enabled me to understand about teamwork, in addition to developing leadership abilities.

During my summer holidays, I managed to secure two internships in one of the local airways company, where I worked as an assistant airline operator. My responsibilities included assisting in developing automated systems, repairing aircraft engines, and examining machine profile to minimize drag. An experience in the airline industry has motivated me to work hard on my goals. Besides, I like reading scientific articles, and watching movies during my free time. I also prefer to walk and play soccer to refresh my minds. I was an active member in the college soccer team during my college studies. Extra-curricular activities have taught me to balance responsibilities and leisure, as both are essential for career success.

The journey toward becoming an aerospace engineer has not been smooth due to financial inadequacy. My father lost his job while I was in my second year in college. Since he was the one funding my education, as my mother’s earnings could not sustain me in college, I had to look for a sponsor to assist in paying for the remaining time. I had to leave college for a year, a condition that affected my performance, as well as an emotional disturbance. Luckily, I managed to go back with the help of my relatives.

After undertaking several intensive types of research on aeronautics and astronautics, I have come into a conclusion that my career would be in aerospace engineering, and I am quite excited to commence my study in this prestigious institution. I am deeply convinced that I am following my ambitions to become the best in designing and developing aircrafts, and to contribute in making a better society.