Sample Research Paper on Education

One example of De Jure Segregation has to do with what goes on in the Education system(Benz, 2011). There are schools, mostly private that are meant for white people and others that are left for African American students. The rules are expressly or impliedly stated in the School governing codes of most private institutions that are especially put in place for white children. An example of De facto segregation has to do with the neighborhoods people live in, where there are those that have been labeled as white residents and others black. It is not legally, but individuals who often move know where they need or need not move. I would not change this scenario because it has been around for years and encourages stronger community ties since people interact with those whom they are comfortable around.

An anti-bullying campaign is all about effective and authoritative leadership. I would let the parents and students alike know that the school does not tolerate bullying by making expulsion the ultimate punishment. I would also hold parent conferences to encourage them to take note of the behavior of their children and to helpin the identification and deterrence to bullying(Varnava, 2014). I would encourage teachers to be keen in noticing aggression, attitude changes among students and be actively involved in the affairs of the students because then, they will notice behavioral changes. Students can be given the consequences of bullying in a psychological context and given more group activities that are likely to foster friendships.

The plan would force parents and teachers to be involved in the lives of their students in school and at home because it is part of their duty of care according to legal rules(Essex, 2012). One of the legal challenges raised regarding finance in schools has to do with inequality in per-pupil expenditure, where some institutions are given more funding than others. In addition, there are instances where legal concerns have been raised about the role of the parent in finance in public Schools(Heise, 1999). There are times when parents have to step in even though the government is supposed to.


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