Sample Presentation Paper on Transgender

Public restrooms have become a civil rights arena, as restrooms have become targets for degrading people of color, and currently, transgender people.  However, Target, one of US largest discount retailers, has rubbed its customers the wrong way by declaring that people can choose restrooms that correspond to their gender identities. This has resulted in a call to boycott its stores According to USA Today, Target’s inclusive position on transgender rights is deemed to encourage sexual predators, in addition to endangering women and young girls who would be visiting its restrooms (Malcolm, 2016). The new law on transgender in the US is contemplating on a proposal to “force individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate” (Mclean, 2016, par. 3). Although a lot of customers have vowed to boycott the stores due to safety reasons, Target is willing to stand by its policy to correspond to the legislation on transgender issue and LGBT rights.

Many questions emerge for schools’ administrations, as well among students, on how to support transgender students. In Maryland State, the respect for transgender students while using restrooms  is carried out by allowing such students to use the nurse’s office, since many public schools only allow students to use sex-specific bathrooms and locker rooms (“Providing Safe Spaces for Transgender,” 2015). The regulations permit transgender students to utilize facilities of their choice, which they perceive as safe to enhance their privacy. Alternatively, schools should designate a “single restroom with a locking door as a unisex/gender neutral restroom” that should be available to all students (p. 13). Generally, most states do not allow public schools to disclose information that could reveal students’ transgender status. Thus, this could be the best option that other states should adopt.


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