Sample Paper on the Wider Purpose and Role of Schooling in UAE

The majority of students in UAE believe schooling plays a vital role in determining how their life will be in future. Education is a critical asset in any country and is one of the variables used in determining the wealth of a nation. The United Arab Emirates has a well-established education sector in which both the government and private sector have invested heavily in (Bouyamourn par.5).

To many students, schooling provides a major avenue they can use to improve their skills and enable them to compete successfully with other skilled people the country has been outsourcing from other regions such as Africa. Therefore, schooling offers the UAE students an opportunity to get the required skills; this increases their chances of getting a decent job, reducing the need for the government to outsource for labor. The United Arab Emirates has a very vibrant economy and has among the best paying jobs in the world; as a result, the region attracts qualified and very skilled individuals from all over the world. To benefit the locals, the young people understand that schooling provides an easier channel for getting skills required to fit in the job market.

Realization that education is a core pillar in achievement of United Arab Emirates economic and social goals is another important reason for schooling. Students understand among the region agendas, education and improving literacy among UAE citizens is a top priority. Influx of well-educated people from less developed economies has increased the need for better education, to make the local people at par with the imported professionals in terms of skills.

The UAE students understand it is only by gaining good education that they can become part of the vibrant and demanding economy. Schooling provides the foundation where they learn new skills and abilities required to succeed in the job market. The students must attend school to achieve their education goals; otherwise, the ones who are unable, risk marginalization in the current knowledge-based and sophisticated UAE economy. Schooling eliminates and reduces quality gaps and ensures there is long-term capacity. Students from UAE are aware, the region has undergone tremendous development thus understand the importance of education and the role it plays in personal and economic development. Now most students, who did not take education seriously, understand to become a valued member of the UAE workforce, you must have learned and acquired workplace skills (Rojewski 134).

In the past, it was not important for women to get educated; literacy levels among women were very low. However, through government efforts, literacy among women has improved. Students, especially female students understand schooling is important in changing the role of women in the society. More women have been seeking higher education in the United Arab Emirates to be actively involved in the region’s job market and play a significant role in economic growth. Educating women for labor force demands, not only is it a matter of fulfilling national labor demands but also personal needs. As more women get educated, lifestyle, responsibilities, and challenges change. As the economy matures, wealth creation will become more difficult due to interpersonal competition. The need for family to have two sources of income will increase and that will increase the importance of schooling especially among UAE women (Benesh 27).

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