Sample Paper on Response to Classmate’s Answer

Response to Michele Cole-Burnett’s Answer

Michele has used good example in her response, the only problem is that at the end she fails to connect it to the main questions asked. She should have used a different example that might have been relevant to the questions. Her response is plain in itself, it lacks motivation. She has outlined what she discovered from the strategy she used in her class but has failed to state the ideas she learned from class. However, her response on how to deal with those with difficulty in class is good and shows the use of guidance and patience to enable learners to learn at their own pace.

In her response on the use of choice as a motivator, she has explained the concept well. The use of choice in motivation aims to give learners options so that they engage in the ones that please them the most hence that would be their choice of motivation. She has not only explained how choice can be effective but also how it can be in effective is not used well. It is therefore the responsibility of the instructor or the teacher to guide learners in making the right choices.

Response to Erica’s Answers

Erica’s response is lively and the reader is motivated by her articulation of words. It’s clear that she has mastery of the content and has clearly brought out the ideas she learned in classroom and obviously used them to motivate the reader. The examples provided and the consideration of the need of various groups when considering motivation has done a lot of justice to her response.

Her explanation on choice as a source of motivation is good but the effectiveness of choices must be related to the goals of the teaching and learning process. She should therefore discuss choice effectiveness in relation to the goals and objectives of the lessons, topic or class.