Sample Paper on Federal Laws and IFSP

Question 1-According to your textbook two Federal Laws have had major effects on assessment in special education. Name both and explain the legislation’s impact on assessment.

One of the Federal Laws that have had a major effect on assessment in special education is the amendment to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, Public Law 105-17). In this amendment, many important provisions were added to the law to restructure it. There were changes in the individualized education program and participation of schools with disabilities in the assessments both in the state and in the districts.

Evidently, the other federal law that has had a major effect on assessment in special education is the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 (Public Law 94-142). The act states that students with disabilities have a right to free and appropriate public education. Also, the act gives a suggestion that students with disabilities have a right to be educated in the least restrictive educational environment. Moreover, this act gives students with disabilities special protections as well as the right to be assessed in ways that are considered fair and non-discriminatory. With these federal laws, children particularly those with disabilities have been incorporated and involved in every educational and social activity.

Question 2-Read Scenario in Assessment about Lee’s case study in chapter 3 page 28. Note that IFSP is developed for Lee instead of IEP. Do some research on the internet and briefly explain what IFSP is and when it is used.

IFSP can be defined as an Individual Family Service Plan meant for young children whose development is jeopardized by delays. In most cases, children who experience delays during their development stages lag behind in various ways. For instance, they may fail to commence their education at the required age. IFSP specifically focuses on children with developmental delays, as well as the services that a family needs to help enhance the development of these children. IFSP is used for children from infancy to the age of two, and although it involves the family more, it might also require the expertise of professionals from different disciplines in planning for the child.