Sample Paper on Evaluation of a Reflection Paper

The reflection paper has briefly identified some aspects that are captured in the research article. There are various important aspects that have not been captured in the reflection essay. The reflection has not captured the key aspects that are considered in the play-based assessment as per the articles provided. It is important to understand what the trans-disciplinary model involves. This module has been used in the article provide argument based on the research conducted. It is quite in order for the reflection to identify the stand that the researcher took in the article as play-based, however, there was the need to identify the approached used in the research. Unlike the play-based assessment, the standardized assessment techniques do not require the parent’s opinion. Therefore, because of using play-based method, the role played by the parents cannot be ignored.

The opinion that assessors as well as the environment affect the outcome of the research has little significance. This is because, discussion with professional and parents following the assessment provides opportunities for parent-professional communication and important collaboration that creates significant foundation, which can be used to develop and implement interventions for the children. Trans-disciplinary method offers great opportunities for the parents to support child’s performance through physical support and providing important information on child’s conduct in different circumstances.

The procedure followed in conducting the play-based research is essential part that should be mentioned in the reflection paper. There is need to mention the many different immeasurable factors that can influence the survey result as indicated in the reflection paper. Claiming that there are many immeasurable factors and ignoring to mention them does to provide necessary information from the reflection. A good reflection papers should identify key elements that are used in the article and relate them to the objective of the study.