Sample Essay Paper on Social Media& Employers

The society today has increased its reliance on social media making it the main source of information, entertainment and the primary form of communication. Though the benefits of this increased reliance are an aspect to be reckoned, the disadvantages are exceedingly harmful. Employers have benefitted and recorded losses through the aspect of social media. On mentioning social media from an organizational perspective one quickly relates it to the negative impact of this vice such as loss of concentration by the employees in the organization without considering the positives such as marketing, easy flow of information and breakage of the various barriers of contact.

Through the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, employers are able to get the right pool of employees when recruiting because the information gets to many individuals. Social media also bridges the gaps created by ranks in an organization as employees are able to reach directly to the customers with ease. Another notable importance of social media to employers is marketing, for employers whodeal with sales, social media acts as an ideal avenue for marketing the goods and services since its cheap compared to other forms of marketing, it is also efficient as the employer can reach a notable number of individuals at a time.

Though there are various benefits associated with social, the disadvantages are also hard hitting as they may lead to losses of jobs for employees on occasions when the employer has reached his extreme points. For instance, when an employer finds out that employees spend most of their time on social media rather than discharging his/her duties, this might lead him/her to take sanctions against the employee. It’s therefore important that organizations employ the best practices with regard to social media usage in organizations.