Sample Essay on Language

There are some individuals who are born in families with wide cultural differences. For instance, your parents may be Americans but your grandparents may be from a totally different country. In this regard, as a grandchild, sometimes you are promoted to try to understand both cultures in order to fit in especially when you are visiting. It means that you can try as much as possible to learn the German culture especially their language and way of life to further understand the ways in which they behave.  When it comes to cognitive skills, this is not a skill that can be acquired easily. You either have to stay in a place where people speak that language or go through a learning process to know how to speak or relate in that particular language. Nevertheless, to have a thorough understanding of a specific linguistics, it is important to have an understanding of the modern linguistic theory and at the same time, learn about their history because it is what helped in shaping their language or linguistics (Olaf and Karsten 112).

I might have been born in America but my mother is from Germany meaning that she has a British/European origin. For the Europeans, thoughts and linguistics is something which is inseparable. However, language is considered universal and they accept the fact that every part of the world has their own language which they use to communicate. My mother actually speaks both English and Germanic language which is their predominant language back in their home in the Northwestern Europe region. However, she informed me that Germanic language is being spoken by everyone across Germany. It is fascinating that I do not have a specific racial link because in one way or another I began to learn how to speak or pronounce some words in Germany. This was possible because an individual who has a shared linguistic family do not have a special link to any racial group (Darquennes and Nelde 65).

One thing that I managed to learn after observing my mother is that there is a strong connection between the German ethnographic tradition and that of Americans. I think it is because both nations are English speakers. However, the two nations have a history especially in their relationships that facilitated the naturalist in linguistics. The English vocabularies that these two nations use appear similar in pronunciation though different in the ways in which they are written (Darquennes and Nelde 68). Americans acquires the Indian and the Asian vocabularies thus the difference in connection between Germans and the American English. Based on these facts, I now understand the reasons it was easy for my mother to relate with my father because they could understand each other in linguistics which is most important aspect of relationship and communication.

At the same time, my mother sometimes finds herself pronouncing some words with the German accent though in English. This is because it is part of her life; before she came to the US for further studies, she used to stay and study in her mother country thus developed a strong connection with it. Regardless of the fact that she has been in the US for the past 15years, it is not easy to forget about her culture or past because it is what makes her as an individual. I can easily relate to her because all my life the only culture I have known is American and there is no place that I can go that will change the ways in which I behave or think about my people and culture.

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