Sample Essay on Journal Entry 1

Pacific history has raised many controversies concerning the origin of the Eurocentric. This has triggered a heated debate among the residents living in pacific. Therefore, the question of who owns the history is crucial to the residents due to the following reasons. The first reason is about the connection between history and development that has taken place in this region. This is because history tends to attribute the development of the region to a particular community. Secondly, pacific history has focused so much on the western influence on islanders. Many writers attribute the historical transformation of the pacific to the western world through the institutionalization of the society (Hezel and SJ). This has not only denied the indigenous community their share of contribution to the development of history in the region but also excluded them from historiography.

To the non-islander community, the history is equally important in the sense that they contributed to pacific history. In addition, most of the historical institution established in different places in pacific and its surroundings clearly demonstrates the early contact between the islanders and the westerners. Most of the literary work written by different writers tends to demonstrate their dependence on western history. This is where historian implies that Spanish interventions were instrumental to the Mariana society. These inventions brought about new settlement patterns, social organization, acculturation lifestyle, and population change. Thus, it raises the question of ownership of the pacific history. Cultural attributes of pacific history is associated to different historical events and contacts that happened in the past. Therefore, it will be unfair to exclude the various groups that contributed to the development of islander’s society.

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