Sample Essay on Getting Acquainted

The college, through its faculty of education, takes this opportunity to officially welcome all the new students who have chosen the education course in the institution. In the past 20 years, the faculty has admitted more than 354,000 students who have successfully completed their course in education from the college. Many of these students have openly stated that they enjoyed their stay in the college and their experiences from the college helped in shaping them for their current positions in the professions they have right now (Boettcher & Conrad, 2010).

The faculty hopes that as new students, you are going to have even better experiences than your predecessors because of the new changes that have been made to our E-learning portals. You are to review the performance goals of the faculty on our website. Students are advised to use these goals to come up with their own performance goals, after which you should write down the short-term objectives that would help you to accomplish your goals for the specific course (Fish & Wickersham, 2009).

The faculty also calls upon all new students to write and submit the various areas they hope to apply the skills, perspectives, and knowledge that they will learn from their education course. Lastly, every new student is expected to share their reasons for choosing the course and what they hope to achieve by taking this course; they should state what they expect to learn by taking the education course (“Best practices for online facilitation transcript”). Every student can create their own learning environment provided it maximizes their learning, and all submissions must be done online, submission tabs are visible on the E-learning portal. Thank you for choosing us



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