Sample Essay on Critical Review Description

Question 1:

NETS are standards that are published by ISTE, with the primary purpose being to leverage technology use in K-12 education. NETS/ISTE has enhanced creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, digital citizenship, as well as problem solving and decision-making in educational settings. Simply put, NETS/ISTE has enabled effective learning and increased digitization for learners (International Society for Technology in Education, 2002).

Question 2:

Science is a wide discipline that requires intensive research, in order to be understood by students or learners. ISTE/NETS have played a fundamental role in the discipline of Science as it enables learners to conduct research on various issues in the discipline. Through the application of digital tools, learners can achieve the objective of locating, organizing, evaluating, synthesizing and using scientific information from various sources as well as media. The tools have also enable learners to select and evaluate scientific information on the basis of their appropriateness to given tasks (Barron et al, 2003).

Question 3:
Evaluation plan- XYZ College
Outcome I: Creativity and innovation
  • How many student use digital tools?
  • Have the digital tools helped enhance creativity and innovation?
Outcome II: Communication and Collaboration
Outcome III: Research and Information Fluency
  • Do learners use digital tools for the location, organization, and analysis of information?
Outcome IV: Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Do learners understand and use technology in the learning process?
Question 4:

Teachers apply digital tools to the teaching process and thus, would be essential in the collection of data (Bates & Poole, 2003).

Education support employees help in the operation of digital tools, hence, are aware of every detail concerning the same. Therefore, their involvement would enhance data collection.

Students are the targets of digital tools, and would confirm or refute the importance of digital tools in the learning process (Mumtaz, 2000).

Parents are involved in the purchase of digital tools, hence, would be key in the collection of data.

Administrators oversee the embrace of ISTE/NETS, hence would be enhance data collection

Business and community leaders can identify the impact of ISTE/NETS on students and businesses, and thus, would enhance the data collection process.


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