Sample Essay on Conducting Research in the Classroom/Engaging Families and Communities in Research

Part 1

By adopting various research methods, a researcher can succeed in identifying appropriate ways of tutoring. There are various steps in which a good researcher must use as a guideline to a successful research study. A researcher commences by identify problems and challenges relevant for academic research. In a classroom set up, the researcher can come up with several research questions and a hypothesis.

Subsequently, a researcher will identify the correct research design for the class project. Thirdly, the researcher can identify the variation within the class in terms of treatments to be given. This variation will guide the researcher on the precise design to apply. In the case of descriptive research, the researcher might apply descriptive design whereas in instances of causal study, the researcher might apply the randomized or control groups for valid study. The basis of these choices is to reduce unnecessary errors, and produce valid and reliable study. Conducting research is therefore useful to a researcher to differentiate the classroom to be taught as it equips the researcher will the necessary analytical and critical outlook towards any study (Lauer, 2006).

Part 2

Importantly, families and communities should be involved in research projects so they can be informed of their surroundings and enhance their knowledge in different fields. Therefore, families and communities should be involved in the evaluation of research. For example, the research that I am conducting in schools so they can offer much knowledge and assist in suggesting or identifying key issues from their perspectives as non-researchers, their contributions would lead to a reliable study (Lauer, 2006). In addition, as families and communities, they may require varied treatments in the research, which will further result to high number of errors in the study. Evaluation of the research should be conducted solely by the educationalists within the department. Lastly and laying emphasize, the people are advised to take part in research so they can add up to the present acquired knowledge so researchers can make informed decisions


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