Sample Education Paper on Teaching Mathematics

Mathematical instinct involves the know-how to encounter a mathematical problem and
be able to solve it efficiently. Mathematical sensibilities revolves on how to recognize, analyze
and give solutions to mathematical problems. Mathematical disposition is how
one’s way of thinking or acting that affects their learning of mathematics. Some mathematical
dispositions critical in teaching mathematics include; engaging in games and other mathematical
based activities make the teachers enjoy interesting mathematical aspects. In the beginning of the
school year, games are great also especially with students. Activities like puzzles, dominoes,
everyday math and patterns of numbers are some of the other activities that mathematics teachers
and students can engage in
To be effective in teaching mathematics, there is some math that a teacher must know
beyond the classroom. Teachers must have the ability to reason beyond whatever they teach in
class because mathematics’ lifeblood is in reasoning. The mathematical knowledge must
relevant to the material being taught in school and have consistency to the fundamental
mathematics’ principles. Teachers must understand mathematical skills, concepts and how to
explain them to their learners. A teacher must therefore understand the act of reasoning in
solving every mathematical problem and teach it to the learners. A teacher must also understand
the purposefulness of concepts as makes it easy to teach the learner why certain
aspects of mathematics are important to understand thus making the learning process and
concepts attractive. Coherence in mathematics must be well known to the teacher so that the
learners may understand the natural unfolding of certain mathematics concepts. This makes
learning easy for the learners because all the details are well organized.
Mathematical instincts, sensibilities and dispositions must therefore be cultivated in
teaching mathematics. They are important since they determine the learner’s ability to
understand mathematics. Teachers who teach mathematics must know mathematics that are
relevant and in line with the principles of mathematics so they may be effective in their work.



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