Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Sentence Analysis

Sentence Analysis

(“Some students learning English do well in school, while others experience special challenges’’ chapter” 1, p 2)

Learning of English enhances students’ chances of doing well in school. However, a number of questions can arise. Does it mean only students who learn English do well in school? Personally, I believe other students who are not English speakers can do well in school despite the communication challenges.

(“The school’s ESL teacher has been asked to work with an English learner who receives special education services”, Chapter 2, p 27)

When a teacher and a learner work together, it is more likely that the leaner will do well. Must a learner work together with a teacher in order to do well? I do not support this because a learner can study on his or her own and achieve good results.

(“She is unfamiliar with the legal rights of ELs with disabilities” chapter 2, p 27)

A teacher who is unfamiliar with the legal rights of a disabled learner cannot handle the learner. Should a teacher familiarize with a student? Yes, I support this fact as it will enhance the learning process and understanding.

(“In a science class, the teacher sets the room up with a variety of objects, such as tubs of water, aluminum foil, and clay” chapter 2, p 27)

Tubs of water, aluminum foil, and clay are examples of objects that enhance any learning process. Should teachers use objects to enhance understanding among learners? I support this idea as practical approaches have made learners to do well.

(“Students are urged to think, ask questions, and draw conclusions on their own” chapter 2, p 27)

Learners who are engaged in the learning process do well.  Should the learner-centered approach be embraced in educational institutions? Yes, this will ensure that students think, ask questions, and draw conclusions on their own, thus enhancing their performance.

(“Sheltered instruction involves learning new information, concepts, and skills while at the same time learning a new language” chapter 2, p 27)

Must learners acquire new skills, information, and concepts for a conclusion to be made that a learning process has occurred? Yes, I support this fact because when students do not exhibit new skills or knowledge, they are considered not to have learnt.