Sample Coursework Paper on Leadership Experience


Learning through observation is the easiest way to identify one’s abilities, skills, and challenges. Through my field experience, I am glad to report that I developed salient skills that are expected to mold my being in the professional teaching industry. Generally, I was keen to follow what the principal did in terms of leadership skills and styles. In one instance, I observed the principal resolving a conflict between two teachers over a timetable clash. One teacher was demanding for an extra lesson that unfortunately was occurring simultaneously with another lesson. The furious teachers almost engaged into a fight when the principal called and led them to the staffroom. After a lengthy discussion, the trio shook hands happily as they went to class; a remedial lesson had been created to compensate for the extension request leading to a win-win situation.

From this incident, I learnt something about conflict resolution in the public service that requires a leader to be a mediator who listens to each of the parties and manages their positions towards compromise in a calm way. In other words, I learned that conflict resolution for a leader requires listening, questioning and facilitating skills and taking a neutral position to create a good rapport for the disagreeing parties. This conflict resolution, considering the influence of my school, family, and community on student learning, helped me to understand the reasons people engage in conflicts and why such conflicts should be handled at the earliest opportunities available.

Generally, everything went on well especially the part where the principal had to help the two teachers separate common values from their held positions hence reaching a resolution. However, there was some need to let the teachers seek more alternatives towards the resolutions they reached which would have created more room for satisfaction. Such leadership skills among the staff members generally enhance learning experiences because students hardly realize that their teachers have differences.