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Sample Coursework Paper on Law and Ethics in US Education System

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Sample Coursework Paper on Law and Ethics in US Education System

Question 1: The federal government through its bills on elementary and secondary education recognizes proper leading roles of school governors and state officials as a collective responsibility towards improving learning processes and skill impartment. The state government accelerates state work, improves teaching through professional development and focuses on pay for contribution and other important human capital services. The local government ascertains the validity, efficiency and applicability of education programs in supporting school governors’-led innovations while ensuring that every territory benefits from such programs.

Question 2: The most specific U.S Constitutional provisions that have had the greatest impact on litigation involving public schools include Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Equal Access Act.

The case applicable to Equal Access Act is the issue of corporal punishment administered (Ingraham v. Wright, 430 U.S.651.1977) (Bathon & Brady, 2010). The Supreme Court ascertained that the Florida statute permits the use corporal punishment as a corrective measure while advocating for a due process before administering any corporal punishment. The court maintained that any student who had the interest of participating in athletics had give his or her urine sample to be tested for drugs (Terry, 2010).

The other Supreme Court case applicable to Age Discrimination is Employment Act was the issue of public concern (Mount Healthy City School District v. Doyle, 429 U.S. 274. 1977) (Bathon & Brady, 2010). The court was able to determine that property interests could be established based on the employment expectations. In this case, the court found out that the school board was impartial in its decisions, and that the act of dismissal was contrary to the provisions of due process right, which the teachers followed during their strike.

Question 3: A due process right and its application in court rulings are important areas school administrators must consider before making a decision to dismiss teachers or employees working under specific terms of agreement (Finkel, 2012).

Question 4: The corporal punishment case as applied in public schools and other learning institutions has had the greatest impact on my role as a professional educator (Lee & Figueroa, 2012). As a professional educator, such provisions eases my work, improves the level of interaction between me and students and ensures that only those who are ready to learn have their right places in class.  

Scenario One: Search on School’s Parking Lot 

Part A: There were reasonable bases to initiate the search on the student. One important reason is that the student was spotted in unusual area during odd hours, and security officer has the right to search a student entering the school compound during odd times (Lee & Figueroa, 2012). Secondly, the student might have had bad intentions and that could be the reason why she was spotted ducking behind a parked automobile in a parking lot.

Part B: As stated in this scenario, the student was ducking behind a packed automobile in the campus parking lot (Stader, Graca & Stevens, 2010). To this effect, the student’s intentions were not well known and the reasons for entering the school’s parking lot at such a time and in such a style were questionable.  

Part c: Reasonable suspicion can be established based on the student’s movement and whatever she was carrying in her purse (Stader, Graca & Stevens, 2010). She must have had a reason for moving in the campus parking lot at such a time, and the fact that she did not want to be noticed (ducking) could have raise more suspicion. 

Scenario Two: Student for Misconduct 

Based on his gross misconducts, Kelvin Brooks should be suspended for five days or even more.


(Summerville Middle School)

(Insert Date)

Parent’s Full Name:

Complete Address:


Dear Parent,


This letter is meant to confirm that Kelvin Brooks has been suspended out of school for five days because of his acts of misconduct. The school management has done its investigations and noted that Kelvin Brook has been skipping classes, has in several occasions engaged in excessive tardiness and smoking cigarettes on school property against the school codes of conduct.

Following the school regulations and rules of conduct is compulsory for every student, and because of the actions mentioned above Kelvin Brook will only be allowed into the school compound five days after the suspension is due, accompanied by his parent (s). At that time, a meeting will be held to discuss the conditions for re-admittance to school.

Yours truly,



CC:     Student File

            Superintendent of Schools

            Head of Security







Part A: Suspension Letter



















January 4, 2015

Parent’s Name …………………………….

Address ………………

City ………………. State …………. Zip…………

Dear Parent,

Kelvin Brooks has been suspended from Summerville Middle School for five days commencing on January 4, 2015.

The grounds for his suspension include skipping classes, excessive tardiness and smoking cigarettes on school property.

Briefly, the facts that have been determined are:

  1. Kelvin Brooks has been in several occasion skipped classes according to the teacher’s marked register.
  2. Has actively engaged in smoking of cigarette, and this can be felt from his breath, lips and teeth.

Following the testimonies presented on excessive tardiness, an administrative conference will be held to determine the was conducted before (insert name of the Administrator), at (insert time), on (insert date) pursuant to State Education Policies and Regulations, 121A.40-121A.56, a copy of which is closed

For further inquiries, call (provide phone or mobile details)





Part B: Suspension Form





















Part C: The defensible procedure for a court scrutiny include gathering evidence on the mentioned acts of misconduct, provide a record of student performance, arrange for the position of eyewitnesses, produce evidences of earlier warnings before suspension and hire a lawyer for the court proceedings.  

Part D: Other than suspension, the school administration may opt to take the student through a good guidance and counseling session. Through guidance and counseling, it becomes easier to understand the cause of all the misconducts and the best plan to be used to help Kelvin regain his normal life.

Part E: Through counseling and advices, Kelvin can be made to understand his current situations and the future health challenges he may end up facing. There are also higher possibilities that kelvin will decided to resume his normal life as a student through counseling.

Scenario One: Who needs written curriculum?

Part A: A written curricular test creativity, skills and experience in teaching and learning processes. The extent to which teachers can impart knowledge depends on clearly written and regulated curriculum that matches district learning standards

Part B: Both the supported, tested and learned curricula act as a benchmark for intentional curriculum since every new idea developed by teachers and professionals must remain in line with the established educational programs and structures.

Part C: There is hope for changes in attitudes, but such changes can only be met if the director creates a space for adjustments, adoption and adaptation, which are important stages people go through before accepting any form of change.

Part D: Developing a mastery curriculum in this case may not provide short term solution to the educational challenges Loma School District had been experiencing because the current situation needs a curriculum that requires a shorter times to prepare and easy to implement.

Scenario Two: Problems of a Beginning Teacher

Part A: The first circumstance that will make it hard for the principal to discuss Miss Hiller’s problem with her is because he cannot tell by Mrs. Carter made false statements on behalf of Miss Hiller. Similarly, the principle has not right to approach Miss Hiller to discuss her private issues unless Miss Hiller has intentions to do so. For Miss Hiller to feel more accepted in the school, she must do away with her shyness, be ready to discuss with fellow teacher and also associate freely with students without feeling inferior.    

Part B: Carter’s area of profession is completely different from that of Miss Hiller, and by getting into the social structure of the school would mean moving out of her areas of operations, which is unethical according to both the teaching and nursing professions. 

Part C: The best way the principal can ascertain Miss Hiller’s classroom problems without upsetting her is by assigning Miss Hiller a task that requires her active engagement with the students, keeping records of students attendance, student’s participation and levels of achievement at the end of her engagement.

Part D: The principle should play an intermediary role, initiate informal discussions in the staffroom and involve all the members of the staff in various school and community activities.

Part E: Inexperienced teachers should be introduced to in-services like giving a descriptive outline of the class, providing learning activities based on the identifiable needs of the teacher, students and schools as well as assigning Professional Learning Activities for the purposes of improving the teacher’s evaluation process.

Scenario Three: Faculty Slowdown

Part A: The best action should have been to look into the concerns of the teachers, do everything possible to ensure that the teacher-student ratio is proportionate.

Part B: The position represented the real challenges district teachers were experiencing However, Mr. Sullivan ought to have remain objective in his response, listen and understand the real problem the principal wanted to pass across. The principal would have demonstrated his ability to absorb pressure and engage Sullivan in more discussions.

Part C: The superintendent believes that the principle stands the best position of influencing teacher’s roles and performance. The superintendent might have realized that teachers were already ganging up and any slight provocation would have led to greater damages.

Part D: The school superintendent and the board have the primary responsibility for solving the described problem since the action by the city council to cut down the budget followed the increased school budget.






Bathon, J. M., & Brady, K. P. (2010). Teacher free speech and expression in a digital age: A legal analysis. National Association of Secondary School Principals. NASSP Bulletin, 94(3), 213-226.

 Finkel, E. (2012). Schools respond to shifts in legal landscape. Student Lawyer, 40(5), 20-23.

Lee, M., & Figueroa, R. (2012). Internal and external indicators of virtual learning success: A guide to success in K-12 virtual learning. Distance Learning, 9(1), 21-28.

Stader, D. L., Graca, T. J., & Stevens, D. W. (2010). Teachers and the law: Evolving legal issues. The Clearing House, 83(3), 73-75.

Terry, T. M. (2010). Blocking the bullies: Has South Carolina’s safe school climate act made public schools safer? The Clearing House, 83(3), 96-100.

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Sample Coursework Paper on Law and Ethics in US Education System

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Sample Coursework Paper on Law and Ethics in US Education System

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