Sample Coursework Paper on ISIS

The entire world is witnessing the group which is referred to as ISIS committing brutal crimes against humanity and other horrific acts of violence as well as other inhumane acts for instance torture, destruction of property and unlawful seizure in Iraq, Syria and beyond borders.  “The U.S. intelligence has estimated that ISIS has as many as 30,000 fighters, and it has been able to replace its soldiers as fast as they are killed” (Mark, 14).

Global initiatives to defeat ISIS are the only way to end the problem that has affected Syria for the past few years. The US and Russia have the resources that are needed to bring peace to Syria and wipe out Isis. Russia and the US should partner and speak in unison so as to reach an amicable solution to the problem because unity is power. The US is against both ISIS and the ruling government led by Assad whereas Russia is against Isis but supports Assad (Simon, Calabresi, 30).

The US should use military intervention after exhausting all avenues of dialogue in its efforts to reclaim parts of Iraq from Isis. The spread of the group to other countries poses a threat to the lives of millions of people for the reason that the ideologies of the group are so extreme in that they don’t value the lives of people and respect human rights.

The success of ISIS poses a threat to the stability of the world countries, this is because the spread of the group might trigger another world war that may be worse than world wars that have happened in the past and this might lead to the wiping away of humanity. The US needs to take a clear stand on the crisis and take action by collaborating with other countries that are like-minded and providing the necessary machinery to mitigate the situation.

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