Sample Coursework Paper on Curriculum Delivery

Curriculum is a concept that can be confusing because of the various descriptions and definitions that may be challenging to implement. This may make a teacher strive to make a decision that is prudent regarding the use of teaching practices, the standards to maintain and the method of assessments. However, with the right kind of materials, a teacher can easily overcome the challenges and confusion that comes with the use of curriculum.

As an individual, there are several materials that are available that can help support my delivery of the curriculum in an effective way. There are published curriculum resources like High Scope, Opening the World of Learning and the Creative Curriculum. These materials utilize knowledge and research regarding activities that are appropriate to develop information and ideas that can be useful for teaching. Some of the published materials are comprehensive and able to provide information regarding what is expected thus I expect to use them for delivering the curriculum.

There are also locally designed materials which have been designed by the school to be used for specific programs. They mainly use research that is based on scientific evidence while at the same time provide the statement for the curriculum making them appropriate for delivery value teaching to the students. I intend to use the locally designed materials because they provide the general guide which the school I am teaching in expects us to use. They also relate perfectly with the curriculum framework because they have been designed by the school itself. This makes them the most reliable materials for use to teach the curriculum.

There are also textbooks which have the worksheets or student workbooks which have a guide for the entire program. I would use the textbooks because they are the most reliable sources of materials for teaching. Many institutions use the same materials to teach their curriculum thus making books effective for teaching. The framework for curriculum is the same for all textbook materials thus they relate well to the design needed for teaching.

There are also online materials that can help us teachers to review and come up with a well developed curriculum. The online materials are many and vary from journals, articles, magazines and government websites. However, the disadvantage of the online materials is that some especially articles are based on personal opinions. If in any case I decide to use the online sources, I would be very selective. All in all, the online materials are good because they are easy to access at any place or point making learning easy. It is also possible to acquire the design and curriculum framework for teaching online by accessing the school website. Through this, the students will be always updated about the curriculum to plan themselves ahead. On the other hand, as a teacher, I will be able to organize myself ahead of time with my curriculum. It will also be easy to plan myself anywhere because of the ease to access the online materials.

There are also materials for exam preparation which include the marking schemes, the grade thresholds, the past question papers, and the examiner reports. I do not intend to use these materials too much because they do not relate well to the design of the curriculum framework. I believe that what is important is teaching the students using appropriate materials rather than orient them using the exam materials to make them prepared.