Sample Coursework Paper on ARCS Model Applied

Scenario: The use of a simplistic reward system by teachers to motivate students (Driscoll, 2005).

Motivational characteristics: In this case, the teacher is a powerful person since he has control over the students. His motivational characteristics include his attributes as listed below.

  • The instructor enjoys being consulted
  • He wants to improve the understanding of the students
  • He creates confidence in the students
  • He is innovative
  • He supports the students to achieve their goals


  • To have an impact on students to generate knowledge in them
  • To improve the understanding of students by attracting their attention
  • The teacher should offer the rewards for the boring activities.
  • He should brief the students about the rewards before commencing the activity in order to enhance attention from the students throughout the activity (Driscoll, 2005).
  • The rewards should be appealing to the students to ensure attention for the next rewarding activity.

Analyzing the motivational characteristics using the arcs model                                            


The teacher should employ a sense of humor e.g. using jokes to attract attention to his students. He should ask questions to ensure that the students are paying attention. He should use tonal variations to arouse the minds of the students.


The teacher should give an explanation to the students about how their learning and experience will be useful in the future. He can enhance this by relating the present instructions and studies to future goals. The teacher should offer an opportunity to the students to achieve their goals through need matching.


The teacher should advise students on their requirements through the analysis of their goals and objectives. He should set realistic goals for the students in order to meet the expected results. The teacher should encourage the students to attribute success to themselves in order to achieve it. He should finally create self-confidence among the students.


The teacher should offer unexpected rewards to the students when handling boring tasks in order to enhance their concentration. He should also avoid influences that are negative e.g. he should not use threats. He should finally ensure repetition of reinforcement to ensure the students’ satisfaction.

Instructional plan
  • The students will be guided through the textbook by their teacher
  • Exercises, discussions, projects, questions, and interactions with other classmates will be enhanced for more understanding of contexts (Driscoll, 2005).
  • The use of interesting textbooks and real-time interactions with the teacher will be enhanced if the students’ achievements and understanding rates are not up to standard.

Driscoll, M. P. (2005). Psychology of learning for instruction. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.