Sample Coursework Paper on Answering Questions

Question One

Given an opportunity where the movie “Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999) with Helen Mirren” were to be made about one of the students from one the chapters I read, there are some key events would be included from chapter 3, 4 and 7. The first one would include the point or scenario, in chapter one, where Brenda pees her pants on the reasons that she hasn’t been granted the opportunity to access bathroom; one of her fundamental rights in the school. In this case, Mrs. Tingle would take the part of Michie, by expressing her sadistic trait and her particular dislike for one of the students, Leigh Ann. It will be more efficient when Leigh Ann takes the part of or role played by Brenda, and therefore, acts by peeing in her pants since even after denied grade A in the history subject; she is still denied her fundamental rights within the school like visiting the bathrooms.

The other key event would be the dramatic reading or rather the audio book undertaken by the female students from the Eighth grade. From this particular dramatic reading, Michie, and the students gets the opportunity of knowing one another by engaging in a school activity, with all the girls claiming that they want to participate in the event. The event would fit perfectly be having Leigh Ann be among the top students taking part in the drama so that they can create a good relationship with Mrs. Tingle. The relevance of this would be based on the fact that Leigh Ann wants to emerge valedictorian and embraces all the possible options that can create a good relationship between her and Mrs. Tingle who denies her grade A.

In chapter 7, Michie gives the students opportunities of expressing themselves through letters, by expressing their respective interests(Michie, 2009). This would best fit by granting the students the same opportunity, and in this case, about their interests and experiences in the history class, and what they think need to be done to improve their performances in the history subject. The responses, in this case, would show that the students in the history class are bored with the sadistic character of Mrs. Tingle, and it would be much better if she becomes lenient in distributing grades.

Question Two

There are a number of learning experiences that Michie is trying to implement while offering his profession at the institution, among them including recalling his past experience like going to school together his friend by then, Michael Jordan. With respect to this particular learning experience, he gets in the best position to create a connection with his students and further spark classroom discussion. With the class discussion, he takes the opportunity of driving the different concepts to the students and further conducting a successful lesson.

The other learning experience entails adopting a number of approaches that would enable him know the students, and in this case, on a personal level. He gives out some personal questionnaires with regard to what each student like and dislikes about the institution. In the entire cases in academic life, it’s relevant that students connect and further relate to their respective peers and course instructors since this will make them feel the relevance of the information. Students can only be comfortable in the classroom if the teacher adopts the effective measures for building positive relationships and further establishing an active learning community(Gershenson, n.d.).

Question Three

My new paperback edition of the book will be a picture of a good number of students posing with their teacher for a photo, as illustrated below. This would be different from the current one where the student appears to be frustrated and not happy with the school surrounding, particularly his teachers. My new paperback will be based on the fact that the teachers in the school, including Michie, has adopted the best ways for creating a long-lasting positive relationship with the entire students.


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