Sample Assignment Paper on Reflections


            Comprehensive, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate education provides the socialization all children, at all levels of education, need in order to be productive citizens and healthy individuals in modern democratic society” (Best Practices in Early Childhood Education, p. 48).This statement reflects on the importance of pre-school programs. One of the factors that have been deemed to be very beneficial for students is that it offers the children an opportunity to grow mentally. This is where the students will be taught how to begin the learning foundation, follow instructions, and be taught on the importance of sharing with other people. These skills are necessary for psychological growth of the students as they are introduced into the structured learning programs.

What are some of the pre-school programs that are prescribed for public school students from poor backgrounds?

Public encouragement builds group spirit, and it builds pride in all children just for being part of the group” (Best Practices in Early Childhood Education, p. 77). Public encouragement has been found to have profound positive impact on the psychological growth of students. This article has highlighted the difference between private encouragement and public encouragement and how the two benefits children. Having the ability to be self-confident in structured learning environments is very helpful for children and they benefit from this for a long time in the future.

What are the pre-school programs that would work well with a mentally challenged student?

When being in relationship is valued, time is available for listening, caring, accepting, and being with others” (Biddle p. 24). For people to enjoy good relationships, it is important for them to have a clear vision of what they need from the relationship. Whereas many people get into relationships without considering their goals in the relationship, these kind of relationships are not considered to be successful and they are characterized by manipulation, deceit, and abuse. This is one of the problems that is associated with entering relationships that are not mutually beneficial. This also happens in organizations where different people make meaningful relationships that are determined by the level of trust.

How can the relationship between a student and the teacher be reinforced for the best outcomes?



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