Sample Article Review Paper on Hot Topics in Special Education

Gideon Firl’s plan is to enroll at Gallaudet University for continued studies. At the institution, Gideon is expected to enjoy the social and academic support he has received so far (Blad 1). All through his schooling, Gideon has attended special schools, which have sharpened his acting talent. He has focused on his choices due to the vast opportunities in those institutions. Gallaudet is a private university with more than 1500 special students with partial and total deaf challenges. This institution is also important to him as his parents, both deaf, studied and met. His parents have remained supportive for him in making the choice. According to the supportive parents, any choice was reasonable.

Deaf students always reflect on their social and academic needs when they are to choose on post-secondary institutions. According to the Federal civil rights, all post secondary institutions are to accommodate the deaf and the blind students. This law encourages institutions have special computers, interpreters and note-takers. Gideon’s close ties involve his deaf sister and deaf friends. Gideon has been communicating with others through writing. Gideon felt that at Gallaudet, he had better chances of expressing himself without relying on an interpreter. Gideon fears to interact with the hearing world, as he would be forced to learn more. He desires to focus on chemistry and psychology so he can understand brain activities especially on people with a weak sense. For traditional institutions, students’ assertiveness and their advocacy ability can enable them to press on. These institutions offer opportunities for the special students, however, it s difficult for the few special ones to access them due to unawareness (Blad 9).

I chose this article as it highlights one of the little known social challenges some people endure. This articles highlights the reason why some institutions are more preferred  by the special students. Through this study, the needs of the deaf for socialization have been underscored (Blad 9). The society is made of the normal, physically and special people with problems. The public is rarely aware of special needs and how they are to be incorporated into the society. Through this article, I have realized that special people have opportunities to interact with the normal society in the normal institutions. Awareness however needs to be made for these people to appreciate the offer. The society ought to learn how to interact with those with special needs as an approach to draw them closer.

I find this article is highly educative. I hope to understand the lives of the special people so I can offer them an easier opportunity when socializing. I have also learnt that, socialization plays a huge role in humanity. Other than keeping the special people afar off, they ought to be drawn closer. The society needs to highlight the vast opportunities in academic institutions for the special needs. Additionally, it is essential for the public to offer more opportunities for the special students as a form of incorporating them into the system. As an administrator, special education hot topics are significant as it highlights approaches of incorporating special students into the system. School buildings ought to have special computers and interpreters for advice and offer direction to the students. Instead of relying on the speakers and microphones while lecturing, interpreters and note takers can be involved. Special computers should be strategically placed for comprehensive incorporation


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