Sample Speech Paper on Personal Statement

I am a student who is currently taking an undergraduate economic major at the University of Southern California USC. I hereby wish to apply for the global political economics major with an interest of pursuing it at the University of Hong Kong. I am interested in this postgraduate course at the university to increase my expertise by learning various theoretical approaches and contemporary aspects that relate to the discipline.

I believe that if you grant me this opportunity to study the major at the university, it will encourage me to reason in a reflective manner. I will gain knowledge that will assist me to handle issues in global financial crisis and participate in international trade. Furthermore, if I advance education in this major, I will also become an expert in dealing with matters that concern global governance, labor distribution, global security, environment, and gender politics. I would like to study global political economics in this university to focus on evolution in the society that would bring the world to an order.

This program is significant to me because it incorporates a wide range of subjects that relate to economic issues, international politics, and social aspects in our surroundings. The fact that it incorporates various disciplines makes me contend that I will access superb education at Hong Kong University. In my perspective, this university is the best that can offer me skills in this major because of its goals that shapes students into better persons in future. I decided to apply for this position at the university after going through your goals. I realized that the staff at the university is focused to offer students equipments to evaluate how economic forces and global political shape local situations. As a result, I want to be part of the university to ensure that I accomplish my dreams of advancing knowledge in this career to get a related job in this field in future. Additionally, I choose to apply this course at the university because of its multiple career opportunities at the market. For instance, on completion of this major, I can work as a political scientist, labor relation officer, sociologist, economist, historian or anthropologist in the global market.

To prove my interest is studying global political economics at postgraduate level in the university, these are my details based on my working experience. To begin with the current job that I commenced in December 2014 to February 2015, my field was prodigy specs automotive in Los Angeles. I worked as a marketing assistant whereby I coordinated with the marketing director to execute operations in the administrative department. In this position, I also compiled flyers to market our products and to attract new clients. As a dedicated marketing assistant, my other duties at the firm were to conduct research to prepare media plans in order to carry out advertising campaigns. I believe that with the skills that I acquired, I will be a lucky student to be considered to study this major at Hong Kong University.

In addition to that, I also worked as an office assistant during internship that took place from June to August 2014. This was in Hong Kong China at Nanyang International Logistics Holdings Limited. My responsibilities incorporated handling of month end and general inventory processes. I also assisted in the firm by offering support at the administration whereby I made preparation of invoices and delivery orders. During my field practice at this company, I ensured that all payments and transaction were recorded in the database for transparency.

Relatively, I also worked at the Cosmos Books as a sales representative in July 2012. This was a company that was based in Hong Kong China whereby I assisted the manager to prepare product recommendations. This was to assist customers to fulfill their needs whenever they purchased goods at our stores. At the firm, I also enhanced and maintained relationships in the business to upgrade chances that entailed major accounts in the selected territories. I interacted with main accounts to check on opportunities at all sections with an objective of maximizing satisfaction among clients. This improved my experience in the field of economics and it motivated me to seek for a place in the university to further advance my career.

I also managed to expand my knowledge when I worked at Elderly Health Care Service Center Limited. This was from June to August 2008 in Hong Kong China. As a development assistant, my responsibilities were to come up with modern and creative fundraising projects. I also took part in recruiting and ensuring that there was proper organization among volunteers to execute various duties within the charity. As a development assistant, I was also responsible for attracting new supporters to contribute money. It was also my duty to maintain and develop a good relationship with the existing supporters. Additionally, I developed and executed a strategy that assisted the corporate supporters and individuals to boost recruitment and entire progress of the project. Analyzing my responsibilities at various companies during my field practice, I attest that I am the ideal applicant to study this major at the university. I believe that I gained enough experience and to add on my undergraduate education, I am hopeful that this will convince you to offer me the opportunity.

I understand that given the chance to study global political economics, I will benefit at large in real life situation. For instance, when I become a future manager, I will be able to sort contemporary cases in business. This is because from my postgraduate school, I will have learnt how to handle systematic frameworks. In return, I will understand various behaviors that are not within the traditional market sphere. Moreover, this major will enlighten me on the vital features of the non-market surrounding. This incorporates strategic aspects that revolve around activists NGOs, and business that is politics related. This knowledge will also benefit me in formulation of rules and regulations both at local and global level. The reason to apply for this major is that in future, I want to become one of the top global economists. I promise to be a very disciplined student at the university by complying with all regulations. My goals and objectives at the campus will be to ensure that I work extremely hard to give my best, which will be evident in my best grades. In my personal statement, I am positive that the Hong Kong University administration is going to consider my application request. I look forward for your feedback concerning this major and my eligibility to join the university. Thank you.