Sample Presentation Paper on Health Report


This health report examines the type of healthcare system used in El Salvador. This study will also elucidate the leading causes of death and life expectancy in El Salvador. Additionally, examining the percent of the population in poverty and the interesting aspect in El Salvador constitutes this study’s thesis statement.

Healthcare System in El Salvador

Citizens of El Salvador receive healthcare services majorly from private healthcare facilities. Most practitioners in these facilities are locally trained but a few were trained in other countries. The country has many medical facilities, for instance, Hospital de Diagnostic that is located in the San Salvador offers specialized emergency services and inpatient treatment services that entail cardiac and pediatrics.

Also, the facility offers obstetrics and orthopedics services. To receive treatment in El Salvador, both the private healthcare facilities and the medical practitioners embrace upfront bill payment.

Leading Causes of Death

In El Salvador, the life expectancy of women is 77 years while that of men is 67 years. Notably, 36% of the residents of El Salvador have been stratified to living in poverty (Spekowius&Wendler, 2016). On the other hand, the rate of infant mortality is 20/1000 births.  Leading causes of death in El Salvador entail stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, and perinatal diseases.

Additionally, sexually Transmitted Diseases have been ranked among the major causes of death in El Salvador. Particularly, HIV/AIDS has been recorded to significantly rise since the 1990s in El Salvador. Today, 21% of the El Salvador residents are living with HIV. Premised on the United Nations Aids Program findings of 2016, it is estimated that 1.2 million people are already infected where 0.2 million people died in 2016 from HIV/AIDS and STIs infections (Spekowius&Wendler, 2016).

Interesting Issues about El Salvador

It was interesting to note that women have a higher life expectancy (77) compared to men (67).


It was established that many residents of El Salvador use private healthcare services. This study further concludes that stroke and heart diseases in addition to HIV/AIDS top the list of the leading causes of death in El Salvador.




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