Sample Essay Paper on Article Review

The people of South London find themselves in a tricky situation when they are frequented by tricky situations such as post cards having a message that is inspirited in capital letters stating that they want what their opponents have. While this thread threatens the people of the land as portrayed in the episode, it slowly escalates through other eventful happenings in the texts coupled with several other adaptations through several other characterizations that present the unearthed mysteries. The producer, Peter Bowker scripts the episode in some overwhelming complementation.

The episode presents a multicultural and London street with the cast portraying a whole-rounded orientation that is fascinating. A more notable display form the characters is when  an aged resident inhabiting No. 84, Pepys Road entangles himself in a scene that reveals her body orientation of possessing brain tumor. The patient, Gemma Jones who plays the role as Petunia plays a more fundamental role skillfully that conveys imminent classism through the emotional portrayals through emotions.

Another notable character is Toby Jones who assumes the role in the play as Roger Yount presented as a richly loaded banker who is disgruntled with the direction his life is taking. The character is extremely watchable as he portrays Roger’s unfolding interior struggle with the life he lives as an ordinary citizen.Jones is portrayed as an ordinary middle-class resident on the street where he lives with his family.

Capital succeeds where he portrays a world full of characters separated by class and status in the society as a result of their means and way of life. The characters that are portrayed are ultimately far more connected than it might initially appear. The script is an outstanding work that asks interesting questions, this shows that the piece is the work of an intellectual with vast knowledge and experience in the subject. The cast of the work makes this production work complex because it is even difficult to find criticism here.The work does not only capture the core themes of greed, capitalism and envy with self-possession but it is also entertaining to the target audience. The first episode is so interesting in that it manages to showthe various struggles of each character as well as entertain the target audience.The thread in the first episode is woven together into one mesmerizing hour of drama that is interesting and achieves most of its objectives, for instance, entertaining the audience.

The story of what happened to the Jews during the holocaust, It is about a German boy’s point of view growing up in Germany during war times and the and the times of Hitler when people were subjected to inhumane treatment.This Holocaust a book manipulates and guilt-induces the reader to see the horrid subject matter and becomes more interested in reading the book. It is a story how the people were affected by the holocaust and how we are all affected at the end. Forgiveness is also a big theme in this book whereby it is manifested in the themes of the book. As there is the statement “He doesn’t deserve your love. But he does deserve your forgiveness, because otherwise he will grow like a weed in your heart until it’s choked and overrun.” Meaning if individuals put up heinous acts during the Holocaust era, later their lives were turned around resulting to their forgiveness.