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Sample Essay on Write Right Company Limited Eagle Investments

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Sample Essay on Write Right Company Limited Eagle Investments

Eagle investments specializes in market evaluation and helping out their clients by offering professional advice according to the trends of sales in the market. The company is managed and led by an able and zealous administration devoted to their clients and offers the best solutions for situations that can turn around perspectives basing on sales for their clients. The team in charge of market evaluation for various clients, Valley Intel, analyzes a variety of a company’s productions and how they perform in different geographical locations in the market, which helps in delivering effective solutions and recommendations to their clients.

With global business in the field having declined, reduced sales can count on the firm on the researches and recommendations given, and quality work is assured. The recommendations are based on the data of projected sales in a couple of years anticipated, targeted by the client in three different continents; America, Asia, and Europe. The data has been analyzed to helped come up with a specific version among the three produced writing instruments that will perform the best in each of the three different geographical locations.

The approach used by the investment firm helps the team to give professional and responsible market advice to the clients. The analysis is based on evaluation of potential revenues, given the position of the client’s company, and to determine the best strategy to be used in the future, either risk averse or risk seeker, by performing statistical analysis of the sales potential of the product types in Write Right and the client’s company, and therefore base a recommendation on which of the four product types will perform best in the stated regions. Eagle investments guarantees security and accurate recommendations based on interpretations.



Eagle investment is committed to its’ clients’ needs and expectations. These include help in interpreting the gap and in a specific market of interest, determining level of sales according to the challenges of for instance technology, and current use of computers that is a blow to firms in the writing instruments business in various geographical regions.

The mission of this report is to use the current firm’s position to determine the best strategy to be used in the future, that is, over the risk averse and risk seeker horizon to help boost the client’s sales while at the same time considering and controlling the risks. This is where the risk seeker is out for maximum returns with the same level of risk, while the risk averse seeks to minimize the risks but maximize on the returns.

Description of Data

To determine effective and efficient recommendations, accurate interpretations were done. The data was disintegrated to obtain all information on the four product types; A, B, C, and D and their current performance in the specified three geographical regions. The team sampled the two designs, legacy (traditional) and new (modern) which Write Right has in all regions where it operates.

The data set availed by the firm to the team consists of the four types of products sold  in the different three geographical locations, including their sales prices with the yearly percentage increase of the price on the different product types in different designs under different geographical locations. The team will then focus on the projected sales in the three different years after an interval of five years to come up with which has been stated in millions.

Data Analysis

On the first sample of product A in America, a nine percent increase in price in a year has a favorable, standard sales projection on the first year but drastically drops in the next five years and then picks up though not up to the original level on the first projection. This is an irregular and unpredictable progress which is persistent in the other data on product A; a percentage increase in the yearly price increases the sales at initial stages but later tends to drop.

The same product A performs differently in Asia;, it is noted at some point where a zero percent change in price over a year generates a high sales projection in the three years, which seems to be constant. Product type A relatively seems to have constant high sales projections in Asia and especially the new design which is almost the same trend in Europe on the new design but in the legacy design, projections seems to be lower especially with increase in the price.

Samples on the sale of product B, specifically on the legacy design, show it is irregular in Europe; for instance in several cases where there has been the same percentage increase in the product’s price, nine percent, the projections on the first year start at very low sales and improve in the later years of five year intervals, while the same percentage increase generates different results on the same design and product. In the first year, sales are projected highly but drop in the process; this might be as a result of change in seasons. The trend in Asia and America is similar on the new design product where percentage increase in price does not seem to have an effect in the sales, though it is irregular; the sales projections are high especially in the first year.

The legacy also known as the traditional design in America registers high projections in the three years on product B. The sales projections are recorded highest when there is little or zero change in percentage of price in the year. More of the writing instruments are sold by the firm, Write Right. This trend runs through all the three different geographical regions.

Projected sales of product C on the legacy design seem to stabilize like there is no much effect of the percentage increase or change in price per year on the sales in American region; it is however noted that the sales decline down the line through the ten years considering the projections on the next two five-year intervals. On the new design, the sales notably stabilize on a higher level of sales despite the changes in percentage price in the years in America.

The same product type C, using the legacy design in Europe has fairly low but stable projected sales in the region, percentage increase in price per year seems to be of negligible effect on the sales in the three years, while, with the new design in Europe, there is constantly high sales projections throughout the three years in a five-year interval. Asia has irregular and unpredictable sales with the legacy design where, for instance, a negative sales projection after a six percent price increase which however rises to thirteen in the last year projection; most of the recorded sales are however high while the new design has a high sales projection when the percentage price increase is at the lowest.

Product D, the new design having been marked at a fair price does not seem to be much affected by the percentage price increase over the years, there changes in the projected sales are inverse to the changes in price, and it is maintained at high sales value; the customers seem to be considering other factors more than price increase which is similar for the legacy design, where change in price does not have much effect on sales in Asia.

The new design of the same product D in Europe generates the same results like in the Asia region; despite the changes in percentage price through the different years, the projected sales stabilize from ten to sixteen million while for the legacy design, low price increase have high projected sales but as the percentage of price increases the projected sales at times are anticipated at negative values that seem to pick up on the next projected year but drop again.

Americas product D, new design record constant high projected sales throughout the years despite the rate of percentage increase in price while for the legacy design projected sales are relatively low, too low even with zero percentage price increase. The projected sales hardly go past ten million; the average range is five to nine recorded in millions.

Price is the single and only variable mix in marketing that leads to profits; most of the others only generate expenses and investments. Unlike the produce characteristics and assignment activities, price represents a flexible component and can alter rapidly. Product policy involves decisions adopted by a manufacturing company for instance Write Right regarding the structure, size and evolution of the range of goods offered, in this case writing instruments that involves all the product types. The product policy has a direct link with other elements of the marketing mix that can be of great help when determining future marketing strategy. The firm, Write Right may approach the following three aspects in their strategy; the level of prices set, the degree of diversifying the prices and the rate, extend of price mobility. Basing on their four product types, the two designs in current operation in three different geographical regions, a moderate price strategy although they can only vary according to criteria of the firm’s establishment including the product’s characteristics and targeted consumers in the various geographical regions.

Swot Analysis

One of the major highlighted strengths of the Wright Right company limited is the fact that Product A and product D are the most popular brand in writing which is a production of the company.    

The knowledge of this helps a great deal as it offers the necessary confidence and the notoriety that pushes its’ operations on. The company has a number of representatives, not only in the three different regions where they are having operations but also in most parts of the world at large. This gives a certain conclusion that the company reaches out to a higher percentage of population in the world that is in daily use of writing instruments. Internet promotion and Television advertising has been enhanced in the past financial year that has been able to achieve the company client’s loyalty.

The main weak point of the company seems to be the differences shown in their catalogs and the real product. Their brochures are notably to be often out of date; the ones in the headquarters, home country are not in harmony with the rest in the three different geographical regions. The procedure and process of returning the goods ordered is cumbersome and complicated of which the clients are kept waiting for a long time and the money is pushed to be deducted in the next order instead of refund.

Among the opportunities that the Wright Right company has, is improving in their product quality. The writing instruments, categorized in four different types can be worked on to increase their workability and convenient use. Launch of products incorporated with new technology might be an opportunity for the firm to increase their sales and reach out to potential customers.

The major threat facing Wright Right is directly connected to competition; more players in the field with new and sophisticated ideas pose a real threat for the firm. The use of advanced technologies and computers, word processor tools represents a real threat which also keeps the Wright Right management on its toes to maintain the company in the market.

Summary Table of Results









-5 – 10

-0.1 – 14

-2 – 25


11 – 21

9 – 20

6 – 24



-0.4 – 5

3 – 13

2 – 17


10 – 21

11 – 25

11 – 19



-17 – 8

2- 10

-1 – 20


9 – 21

13 – 23

11 – 28



-16 – 14

2 – 13

6 – 15


9 – 21

13 – 22

8- 22


  Product A projects negative and very low sales especially on the legacy design where most of the sales are negative in all the three geographical regions, while the new design performs relatively well, the projections are still low.

Product B on the other hand has fairly standard sales projections operating with the new design, the legacy design tends to perform poorly with a maximum range of twenty five projected in Europe

Product C also records very low negative sales projections in the three regions and most especially in America where there is a negative of seventeen; this is the lowest projection of the legacy in all the four products in the regions. The new design has standard performance in all the three geographical regions

Product D records a very low sale projection of the legacy design, negative of sixteen though the sales range in favorable figures that cover that up. There is also consistency in sales on the new design in all the three regions for this product.


Returns on the company’s investments are influenced by a number of factors, including price. Relative risks and absolute risks are also factors to be considered when choosing a future strategic plan after the sales projections of years to come have been done including the ROI.

Relative risk is usually expressed as a percentage decrease or percentage increase. If a factor that is added or stopped in a process, for instance production process in business, does not affect the result or change the risk, then the relative risk is considered to be zero percent. Absolute risk, on the other hand, is basically the size of the risk itself, the number by which the percentage risk goes down if an action or a counter factor is employed.

Basing on these two factors in subject to rate of returns, while still considering the price and product policies which are directly linked to marketing, the team is confident to recommend changes and improvements on the operations of the company from accurate interpretations on the data that was availed by Wright Right firm.

In America, product A seems to be performing well compared to the other three product types. Though the sales projection in this geographical region goes to worrying minimums of negatives, there are also high sales projections that are recorded that neutralize the gap within  the three five year interval sale projections; this is evident more especially on the new design compared to the legacy design in terms of sales, projected in millions. The new design has fair prices compared to the legacy one in this region. Write Right firm should focus more on this specific design of product A to maximize sales on this specific one while considering the price factor which comes out as a major factor in choice of products in this region.

Product B, on the other hand, seems to have a great profit potential in Europe. Comparing the sales projections averaged through the years of projections, having the lowest and highest sales figures recorded in millions; Product B performs better than the other three which are noted to be irregular with low sales projections even at zero percent increase in price. The yearly percentage price increase on product B is consistent and with low gaps thus a minor change noted by the clients which is opposite on the behavior of the other legacy design and other three products. Write Right should come up with policies to ensure consistent and reasonable change in prices which is a major factor on decisions made by their clients in Europe.

Asia proves to be a good ground for Product A which similarly performs well in America. Product type D comes closer to product A on performance according to the sales projections. Both of them have relatively low prices despite the percentage increase in the same; price seems to be a major factor on the choice and spending behaviors in the region. The rate of percentage increase in price is similarly consistent; the prices increase yearly though at a slow pace and with slow margins that is not pressing on the clients’ side.

Price increase generally comes out as a major factor affecting the sales of Write Right Company. It is important for firms to learn and know the clients’ behaviors. The new also referred to as the modern design has featured out in all the three geographical regions on all of the four product types. Before setting a price, it is vital to estimate CPP; it is also important for the firm to engage in more promotions through the Internet and television to get to potential clients and remind the current ones to maintain their loyalty. The team, Eagle investments, strives to establish good and strong relationships with each client they serve, to have confidence in the team’s talents and abilities through reports like this using the recommendations, interpretations and data presented.



Swot: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

CPP: Cost per performance

ROI: Return on Investment


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Sample Essay on Write Right Company Limited Eagle Investments

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Sample Essay on Write Right Company Limited Eagle Investments

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