Sample Essay on Virtual Banking

Virtual banks have risen to give direct competition to the traditional brick-and-mortar banking systems. Virtual banks, also popularly referred to as e-banks or direct banks, provide all their services online. According to research, most people around the world still prefer the brick and mortar banks. However, the growth of virtual banks has proved to be significant over time, and the trend is expected to continue. Individuals and firms find it flexible operating online.

The future of virtual banks is bright despite the inevitable competition from traditional banking. Many people and businesses are moving their operations and transactions online in the present world. The implication here is that virtual banking is gaining relevance with time. It is convenient to customers, mainly because anyone can bank from anywhere around the world. The increasing levels of globalization also play a big role in the promotion of virtual banking. Products and services can be paid any time. Relatively, virtual banks cost less to carry out transactions.

The embracing of technology among both the virtual banks and brick-and-mortar banks has provided a wide range of options for customers. Brick and mortar banks are able to offer more services and satisfaction compared to virtual banks. For instance, use of ATMs, credit cards, and mortgages. Virtual banks are easier to monitor, and offer better overheads considering that they occupy less physical space, thereby cutting down the cost of operations.

My test quiz results indicated that I would be better off with the brick and mortar banks, especially if it has a useful website. A person would feel more comfortable for being able to walk into a bank branch and talk to people; it is part of human nature.