Sample Essay on Jihadist Globalism

In chapter seven of Manfred Steger’s “Globalization: A Very Short Introduction”, he endeavors to distinguish globalization from three types of globalism namely, market globalism, justice globalism, and religious globalism (Steger 105). Steger explicates the difference between globalization and globalism as a social concept and an ideology that furnishes the concept of globalization with a specific value respectively. However, religious globalism caught my attention as the most interesting idea in this chapter. This concept as elucidated by Steger refers to the struggle for a worldwide religious community that is superior against all irreligious organizations and assemblies. One of such religious communities involves Islamic fundamentalism, which has recently been used to camouflage Islamic insurgency and terrorism. Therefore, this essay explicates the idea of Jihadist globalism from a personal perspective in relation to Steger’s viewpoint.
            While globalization and globalism has been said to have brought more good than harm, Steger identifies religious globalism and in particular, the Jihadist globalism. In a bid to stress on the devastating effects of Jihadist globalization, Steger does exceptional work by using a more palpable example of the 9/11 onslaught (Steger 107). He underscores that the Al-Qaeda terrorists under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden justified their assaults on the perceived concept of globalization as the American imperialism seeking to “Americanize” the world. Notably, Steger endeavours to explain that despite the benefits of globalization and globalism, the negative effects epitomized by Jihadist globalism ought not to be overlooked (Steger 109).
            In conclusion, it is imperative to embrace globalization and globalism and make the most out of the positive aspects of these concepts. People should desist from hiding under religious extremism to inflict harm to others but see it as an opportunity to develop themselves economically, politically, and spiritually as well as achieve equality at all echelons.
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Steger, M. B. (2013). Globalization: A Very Short Introduction. New York: OUP Oxford.