Sample Essay on Economic Saudi Arabia

Economic Saudi Arabia

This study seeks to find out about the economy of Saudi Arabia. Specifically, the purpose is to analyze the Saudi Arabian economy. The major economic product and focus of investment in the broader region is oil (Eakins, 2013). Therefore, the study will focus mainly on oil as an income earner, as a foreign investment. The main purpose of the study is to note of the diversification plans of the oil sector in relation to development. The study also seeks to establish any future plans in terms of development, employment, and in the private sector. The non-petroleum sector will also be analyzed (Vogel, 2000). The main purpose for this is to find out the relationship of the investors in this sector and their plans. A list of trade organizations will also be noted and their participation in the investment in Saudi Arabia.

This study will mainly use secondary sources of data, such as books, credible website resources, and articles. From the sources, the researcher expects to establish the major breakthroughs in the past and advances in the economy. This is to be analyzed in relation to the effects the changes have had on the public. Interviews will be carried out on specific investors to note of the actions they have taken in the economy of the country, and surveys will also be used to collect data. The collected information will be qualitatively and quantitavely analyzed. From the data, the researchers expect to note of the present position of the country relative to the international situation. Recommendations are to be given based on the outcome of the research. Other alternatives to oil as the main product of the country are also to be proposed. This is to reduce the full dependence on oil as the main economic sustaining commodity.


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