Sample Essay on Aside From Salary, What Else Do Workers Care About Regarding Their Job?

When workers are looking for jobs, among the factors that they consider is the amount of salary that they will earn. Nevertheless, the salary is not what employees consider when it comes to jobs. It is assumed that just like the way a consumer is rational in making decisions about his or her consumption, so is a worker. Workers do care about the overall utility gained from a job. If jobs are able to satisfy workers, they go for them; if they fail to give satisfaction, they will drop it. Some of the other factors therefore that a worker will greatly care about his or her job is the working condition that he or she has at hand. If the working conditions are poor, a worker may shy away from applying for it. If the conditions are ample, then he or she will consider other factors.

Location of their jobs is the other factor that workers consider when making work decisions. It will be challenging to work in an organization that is located in a far place from where workers reside. Though sometimes workers could be forced to shift to the location of their jobs, sometimes it could not be possible especially if the job is only available in a foreign country. They would also consider their fitness and respective requirements of certain jobs. If there were a mismatch, it would be difficult for a worker to enroll in the job because he or she would not work effectively due to lack of the required qualifications. If their qualifications and those qualifications required in a certain job match, they