Sample Article Review Paper on Article Analysis

The first article clearly sets what President Trump is likely to do for the American economy. He will not support leissez faire economy where the government has no control of the economy. Trump aims to protect the American population and economy from the misuse of oligopolies and the discriminating international trade competition. The main idea of this article is how Trump will transform America and hence everyone must be prepared for the change. This includes the Asian who have their businesses in the United States (Vail 2016). I agree with the writer on the main topic of the article. Change is necessary for America. Trump strategies will work for the better of the economy. I have learnt that government intervention is necessary to ensure that only few people benefit from the economy. Every government should improvise methods to ensure equality in the economy.

The second article shows how the big corporations have changed the economy of Bay area. They have absorbed all the talented and rising employees in their institutions hence making it hard for start-up businesses to grow. The corporates have made the cost of living high in the area. The main idea in this article is how the big corporations are negatively affecting the economy. I agree with the writer of this article. The big corporations cannot allow the start-up businesses and small businesses succeed. They take all the talented employees and ensure that they do not leave their companies (“Tech Firms Shell out to Hire and Hoard Talent.” 2016). The lesson of this article is that the big corporations have a lot of power in the economy. For example Twitter and Facebook have so much influence in shaping the economy.  I think the government intervention is necessary for changes in the economy.

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