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Sample Admission Essay on Economics of Public Issues

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Sample Admission Essay on Economics of Public Issues

How can American Society reverse or slow down the trend towards greater obesity?

            Obesity, which is a current trend in the society, can be described as the increase of weight of individuals beyond the normality. Considering the current average weight of people in America, it has doubled as compared to the earlier years of 1960s. Reports have shown that over 30% of the American population currently, contains a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is excess the normal mass of 30, a level that an individual passes over from overweight to obesity. This really worries, as obesity is associated with deadly diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, depression, stroke, and even disabling individuals in the society (North and Miller 11).

            This dramatic increment in weight among the American society is believed to be contributed by economic factors, which need to be controlled for a better tomorrow. For instance, the law of demand as acted favorably towards obesity. The reduction of food prices in the American economy over the past years, contributed much to obesity, as the people were able to increase the quantity of food they bought with the fixed amount of money. They were tempted to eat a lot, a habit that increased the calorie intake to the body whose results were increment in weight. Therefore the prices of food, more so, those with high calorie content should be increased with the aim of discouraging people from their frequent consumption. This will eventually aid in reduction of the rate of weight gain in the American society.

            The American society should be encouraged to introduce and increase the levels of physical activities in their lifestyles. With the improvement of technology, work has been made easy for the Americans, thereby reducing the activities that they daily engage in. For instance, the change of the American economy in a way that most workers shifted from agriculture and manufacturing jobs to management and in service jobs really reduced the amount of calories that are used during the day (North and Miller 14). Therefore, these people should be encouraged to engage in physical exercises on a daily basis in order to burn more calories that instead could lead to body weight increase and eventually obesity.

            In addition, the Americans should be provided with the relevant information that will enable them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The costs of offering the information are considered to be less as compared to those of healing diseases. Therefore, they should be advised on how to utilize free time in a manner that will contribute to burning of body calories. For example, people should be highly discouraged from the use of social networks and watching of TVs for a long period of time. Instead, they should be motivated in engaging in activities that will utilize some calories for example, participating in various types of physical games. On the side of food, these people should be provided with information that will enable them to differentiate between foods with high and those with low calories. Hence, they should be emphasized to consume low calorie content foods like raw green vegetables.  All these will aid in reducing the calories intake thereby controlling the rate of obesity.

            With technological advancements, the time cost for preparing food was totally reduced a factor, which in turn reduces the full cost for foods (Macro Economics). This usually entices people to eat a lot, which contributes positively to obesity. Therefore, the Americans should be avoid buying readymade packed foods and rather buy raw foods, which will allow them to engage in food preparation activities. By so doing, they could burn some calories in the process of cooking and further avoid eating a lot of food due to time limitation. In addition, by engaging in food preparation, the household activities are likely to increase. People will thereafter increase their daily household activities thereby reducing the amount of calories in the body, which eventually will prevent weight increment (North and Miller 12).

            The Americans should also be encouraged to take breakfast on a daily basis although it will make them incur extra costs. Many people for a long period have believed that they will cut calories by skipping breakfast however; studies have clearly shown that taking break first helps individuals in consuming some calories within a day. According to the U.S.’s healthy and nutrition survey, men who take breakfast weigh about 6 pounds less as compared to those who skip; women weigh 9 pounds less. This is a clear demonstration on the importance breakfast in aiding in the reduction of obesity within the society.

            Therefore, the people of America should engage in practices that will aid in reducing and controlling their body weights and eventually obesity. This will be economical to the state and the Americans as there will be reduced diseases within the people, as they will be living in a healthier lifestyle. This issue of obesity should be therefore much considered in formulation of relevant policies in the society. This will always keep the people sensitized on the importance of carrying out physical exercises, daily chores and also considering the type of food they take for their healthy safety.

Flying the Friendly Skies

            The consumers can achieve safety. In most occasions, the benefits of safety are achieved through incurring many extra costs and however the government can achieve them achieved with minimal expenses. Safety always starts with the consumer. This is possible through the application of high technology in the airline services.  For instance, the change in technology can reduce the costs of bomb scanning equipment; this implies that the marginal costs associated with preventing terrorist attacks will be reduced. Also, the use of machines in the airports speeds up screening thereby achieving efficiency in that field. As described, economical efficiency is achieved in the level of safety, whereby the marginal costs of raising the safety equals to the marginal benefits that the consumers ascertain. Therefore, this leads us to a conclusion that safety lies upon the consumers and that government controls are not the only ways of achieving safety in the skies (North and Miller 18).

            The consumers have no control over some issues of safety. Some issues like terrorism and information regarding to terrorism threats is usually confidential. Therefore, the consumers have no control over their safety at this particular situation. This incident therefore could require the government to intervene in ensuring that safety is achieved. Also, considering the existence of many flights, there is need for the presence of common rules and regulations during screening and control of passengers in flights. This also works well through the government coordination and creation of networks. As far as the consumers will achieve safety, they still will need the government’s intervention to achieve economical efficiency on the levels of safety.



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Sample Admission Essay on Economics of Public Issues

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Sample Admission Essay on Economics of Public Issues

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Sample Admission Essay on Economics of Public Issues

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