Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Ecology

The best ecological category that explains human relation with nature is agro forestry. This is where human beings use modern technology to develop new ways and methods of farming trees. These trees affect their lives in one way or another. It affects the wildlife in terms of food and shelter while human beings use it for food, firewood and for industrial purposes. Plants form an integral part of human life because of the fact that they are used in most of human activities. Agro forestry refers to the practice of planting or growing trees amongst other plants. This can be beneficial through conventional agricultural and forest production methods, which increases productivity and economic benefit (Cain 23). Farmers also use agro forestry to ensure food security this is by restoring soil fertility for their food crops. Stabilizing soil erosion, improving soil quality and conserving water can only be achieved through agro forestry.

One of the categories that best suits my position is biology. In this category, I am able to understand the contribution of nature to our lives. The dependency level between plants and animal is crucial in my life. My profession as a social work involves integrating human knowledge about the nature into my duty of helping the patients. Natural resources such as trees are helpful in some cases where they are applied for medicinal purposes. Research on the causes of some of the regional diseases is an important aspect that involves the relationship between human beings and the nature. Microorganisms that exist in the environment sometimes contribute to the development of some diseases. In addition, this category is closely related to other categories such as human anatomy and agro forestry.

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