Sample Coursework Paper on Environmental Challenges and the Future

A lot of individuals are of the belief of that the worth of a substance is only valid when you possess it, once its gone, all you are left with are regrets of how important it would have been.  We have been forced to believe that the present day forms of civilization such as electricity, cell phones, and internet access are only present to introduce us to the realities of life in the sense that they make our social lives enjoyable and easy to manage.  Some have left labor 40-hour employment weeks spent in the service of bulky and faceless conglomerate.  The reality of this is that our natural world marches the inhabitants making each event in the surrounding pre-exist comfortably.

This particular group of individuals has reconnected to create a natural and serene environment that is able to survive on the means that you reconnect to the expected world, conserve your resources, and peel back the extravagances, monetary manacles and indefensible definition of achievement in the contemporary industrialized globe.  Originating from hand-crafted houses that are specifically made from recycled materials, they try to find the wholesomeness that comes from a return to the basics. Evidence shows that policies to prevent migration can be ineffective: for example, rural development intended to curb rural–urban migration in Africa has either had only a minimal effect on migration or has even encouraged it; there is evidence that migration policies in certain parts of the world have been unsuccessful because of underlying structural economic drivers.

They find it heartening that the upcoming generation of human species will only be made possible by going back to the fundamentals, farming and artisan craft making each play a major role in realizing this potential vice (Top Documentary Films).   A lot of environmental management materials consists of trade-offs which further translates to the depletion of natural resources in exchange for short-term employment. This is further related to the destruction of an ecosystem in such substitutions is a core premise of a currency-based economy; states are both environmental destruction and a hindrance to innovative environmental fortification. The store for the world’s oil is almost getting depleted and the ensuing devastation inspires a militarized rift between the United States and China as the rest of the world remains in a dilemma of war. As it currently stands the only available factor are the factor calamitous comprehensive inconsistency that a pair of scientists who have vowed to engage all the available efforts to put an end to the ongoing energy crisis. This is not to say that the interaction of migration and global environmental change is not important global environmental change does have real impacts on migration. Although the setup might be seen as a latest Hollywood disaster movie, the logic behind it aims as educating the global community so that it follows the scientists as they desperately pursues a sustainable energy alternative leading to a thrilling and more importantly an educative result.

It is a great task for scientists and researchers who are engaging great efforts and money in harnessing potential of one such source: the sun contrary to recent arguments made by academics and advocates for the creation of a new category of ‘climate refugee’.. For this reason a global framework for ‘environmental refugees’ is considered inappropriate.

The film has great expressions that introduces us to several real-life researchers who are working toward a future where solar energy powers the world such that their efforts involves the logistics of travelling and working in space increasing revolutionary nano-particle technologies that will allow them to easily transfer materials into orbit, and absorb usable energy from the sun’s endless supply in a consistently cost-effective and efficient manner (Top Documentary Films). Enough research and studies have been carried establishing that strategies to prevent migration can be ineffective rural development intended to curb rural–urban migration in Africa has either had only a negligible effect on migration or has even encouraged it; there is evidence that migration policies in certain parts of the world have been unproductive because of essential structural trade and industry drivers.

Understanding the interaction between the atmosphere and the biosphere is a necessary part of efforts to improve models of Earth’s physical systems and monitor the impact of global climate change, plant phenology models serve satellite bioclimatology in concert with surface phenology can produce physical interpretations of observed events, providing needed information for atmosphere, biosphere simulation models and global change monitoring and improving the plant phenological model to continental-scale would provide a foundation for potential models of relationships among weather and climate, phenology, and ecosystem function. Climate change, biological diversity loss, and ozone depletion have challenged the contemporary system of state sovereignty by demanding the assumption of state responsibility in instances in which national interests and costs are quite divergent.

Environmental scholars have provided considerable evidence that differential exposure to environmental harms is a function of socioeconomic inequalities, rendering environmental risk a central feature of contemporary national and global stratification. Environmentalists  have devised multiple human-caused environmental hazards that rely on science to enhance the credibility of their claims.



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