Sample Essay Paper on China, East Asia and Globalization

Problem Statement

The connection between the United States and china and East Asian is characterized by unfair business competition and insecurity respectively. These issues have been ailing the relationship among these countries. Globalization has brought about The United States is facing the following challenges with china. They include the unbalanced trade, counterfeit goods and freight of companies to china from the United States due to cheap labor and low taxation. China has been on the forefront in lobbying industries to invest and relocate their businesses to the country. This has seen a huge number of American industries relocate to china where they operate at low costs. This has been a big problem to the country due to the fact that jobs and capital have been shifted to China.

A company like Toyota relocated its manufacturing firms to China an action that affects the American community. At the moment, unemployment is going up in America due to the freight of capital caused by relocation of companies that supported the economy in a great way. This is the same case with other countries within the East Asia regions such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The entry of counterfeit products from these countries to the U.S has affected the local manufacturers. In regard to security issues, the United States being the superpower is threatened by the rising of East Asian countries (So 150). In particular, North Korea is manufacturing nucleus weapon against the wish and aspirations of the Superpower country. In addition, it poses threats to the international security through production of dangerous weapons. Thus, it is necessary for the United States to come up with policies that will discourage these countries from production these weapons.

Placing these challenges in globalization context, we find that the connection of countries in the world has led to increased conflicts between countries. The world is consolidating in the sense that states are being connected by technology, fast means of transportation and communication liberalism. Thus, the population is sharing information from all corners of the world. This means that governments after government are finding ways through which they can collaborate with each other in trade and in leadership. Thus, multilateral and unilateral policies are developed to ensure that the interaction be it in trade or in other areas goes on as expected and meet the expected standards. Bilateral trade’s takes place between two countries within the same region or in different regions. This is based on mutual benefits that each country gets from the interaction. In regards to unilateral and multilateral contracts, several countries come together and make policies that control their trading and leadership activities (Hannum, et al. 77). United States has been involved in these contrasts more than any other country because of its position in world leadership.

Rebalancing Policies

            President Obama came up with an Asian strategy that would see the country foreign policy shift to East/south Asian from Middle Eastern/ European. In the previous regimes, heavy deployment of air weapon and naval systems was done through Changi Naval Base airport. During this time, the United States spent a lot of money in anti-insurgency campaigns. This would see the country commit huge of taxpayers’ money on these activities. So, the Obama administration intended to take a different path in regards to policies towards East Asia and china. The current foreign policies focuses on deepening working relationship, strengthening and improving bilateral security, trade expansion and investments, enhancing human rights and democracy and facilitating multilateral players investment in the region.

            The United States is justified in the sense that some of the countries in this regions base their leadership of autocratic system that see human rights get violated. North Korea is ruled by monarch who assumes power through hereditary. This concentrates power on one family by discouraging competition for the seat. It lowers development by a great deal since the same people will rule over the country for decades following the same ideologies. Thus, America came in to offer new ideologies that would enhance competition and democracy. It was therefore justified to offer these new ideas and perception that would aid the country to move towards Free State. In china, America advocates for human rights a move that is seen to be indivisible due to security and economic policy. Through the country’s intervention, these states are able to improve their democracy by implementing new systems and infrastructure that help in facilitating the same.

            On the contrary, United States has pushed for these agenda too far for these sovereign nations. The motive by the America is seen to be in bad faith due to the fact that the bilateral policy to strengthen the economies within the region was a plot to bring down the rising china economy. if china continuous to lead in economic activities, then, the united states would lose its markets as well as command in the world. This is why the country is seen to be more focused on strengthening the Chinese neighbors so that they could help bring down China. The freight of capital is also reaching worrying levels for the community. These were the flaws indentified in the implementation and structuring of policies that the country is undertaking towards the building of a democratic and strong economy in East Asia.

Proposed Solution

            The solution to these problems includes strengthening and changing some of the laws that the world leaders is using to control and monitor economic progress of Asian countries. My first proposal is that the bilateral trade agreement should be strengthened to raise standards for imports and exports within these nations. Therefore, unfair trade practices will be a theme of the past. All countries will be aware of these policies and rules that govern the way individuals and groups behave in connection to economic activities. The social policies on the other hand need strengthening. These policies will promote issues of democratic leadership and human rights which seem to be neglected by members within the region. A strong democracy is created through strengthening of institutions that champion for good humanitarian rules. Not a single country in the globe can be able to build a strong economy without the help of good institutions. These institutions must be able to meet the set standards by the international community. Humanitarian policies also go hand in hand with economic empowerment and development. Thus, the investments should be done across these sectors so that the states in the region embrace the values and international codes in conducting business.

            The economic policies are seen to be oppressive. This is because those countries that are coming up in the world as strong economic hubs pose a threat to America. America is therefore defensive of its position as well as status in the globe. Thus, economic policies that United States have towards these countries fails to bear fruits in some situations due to unequal representation of the prevailing conditions such as production capacity. Thus, some modifications will be better for the policies in the sense that each party in a bilateral or multilateral agreement will be able to execute the same without a lot of pressure from the international community.  There are many factors that come into play during the implementation of economic policies that countries adopt. For example, China is able to attract investors due to its strong economic institutions and policies that were developed to cater for the activities hitherto. Some of the strongholds that China benefits from include low cost of power, labor and operation through taxation. The strong institutions created by the state look at these factors and ensure that they are within the limit to attract business partners. Therefore, failure in the implementation of some policies comes into play due to the economic diversity in the region. To create a balance, America should invest in unilateral contracts that address each and every states diverse need to ensure that internal factors are addressed. By taking care of the national issues and factors that hinders trade and commerce, individual states will be in a position to recreate their economic structure to match that of their neighbors and regional players. Thus, change in the approach to a countries problem is always good because of the dynamic nature of factors that controls the supply and demand of items. Thus, proper economic policies reinforce activities that yield monetary value.