Sample Essay on YouTube Assignment

From a personal perspective, the Bach video is interesting as it introduces Johann Sebastian Bach’s ancient music. It is also resourceful as it introduces the viewers to the evolution of music from the time of Bach to modern times. One of Bach’s music presented to the viewers through the video is Jesu Meine Freude BWV 227. Irrefutably, any person viewing the video would like the music because it promotes spirituality. Also, the music is likeable because it is soothing, and this can be attributed to the musical instruments involved. In the video, significant facts about Bach are highlighted. First, it is highlighted that Bach was born in 1685 and died in 1750, and thus, it is evident that he died at the age of 65. Another significant fact about Bach is that he was among the first musicians to integrate the piano into music. It is also seen that through music, Bach’s primary objectives were to glorify God and promote the recreation of the mind. Lastly, the video reveals that Bach is a household name in ancient and modern music because of the resonant power of his work and the depth of his influence.

Fredrick the Great and Enlightened absolutism videos identify some of the laws or reforms introduced by Fredrick the Great in Prussia that made him a “benevolent and enlightened despot.” First, he reformed the courts and was at the forefront in ensuring that nobody compromised the activities of the courts. Second, he reformed leadership stressing that leaders should be more concerned about their subjects. Third, he introduced meritocracy, and this meant that the promotion of people was based on merit. Fourth, he came up with religious toleration laws that promoted freedom of religion. Lastly, he introduced agricultural reforms that saw the inception of potatoes as one of the crops in Prussia.