Sample Essay on the American Wilderness

The wilderness is naturally occurring and it is what nature provides. Americans took notice of the wilderness because of its intrinsic value to humanity. The mid-nineteenth century marked the epitome of this discovery and the zeal to put the wilderness into good use. The wilderness is credited for shaping the culture of Americans. The Americans enacted the American wilderness Act that defined what the wilderness is. The intention of the law was to protect the environment from the rapidly growing population during this time in history. The areas that occurred naturally and not settled or roads built were declared as the wilderness in the United States

The wilderness played a very critical role in the American history because of the resulting economic politics that come with nature. Yellowstone national park in the United States was gazetted as a protection measure to conserve the environment, animals, and the recreational facilities offered by the park. Gazzetement was meant to protect it from human settlement. The concept of national parks was later to be adopted by other states like Canada. The Gila National forest was also placed under administration and the United States forest service given the mandate to protect it. Others are the great swamp in New Jersey designated as a national natural landmark. All these not only have economic benefits but also conserve the environment and its fauna and flora.

The wilderness was protected in the United States to protect species of animals, birds, and plants that were likely to disappear with increased human settlements. Several conservation movements were also created in the process.

Protection of the wilderness also helped conserve rainforests from indiscriminate deforestation. Water towers ensure that the environmental sustainability is emphasized for posterity.