Sample Essay on Response to Christina Yeh

According to Christina, nature played a unique role in America’s identity due to various reasons, which I agree with. In her assertions, there are significant things that made America be identified from the ‘Old World’, which I do concur with. First, the painting by Frederic Edwin of Niagara provides a sense of uniqueness in identity. It is this painting that led to the realization that America had captivating landmarks and people were drawn to visiting this site. In addition, artists were able to be recognized as people who create awareness on the existence of important America’s features. Second, I also believe that through such discoveries like Yosemite Falls, people are amazed at the beautiful scenery in America. As such, the enables people to explore more in America’s nature. On the other hand, I do not think that it is only artwork that enabled discoveries like the gold sites. I also think research played a role in these discoveries.

Response to Felix Boeschen

I also agree with Felix’s assertions that both natural resources and nature played roles in distinguishing the ‘Old World’ from America. In his argument, landmarks like Yosemite National park and Rocky Mountains were significant identifiers of America’s Uniqueness from the ‘Old World’. I agree with his arguments because such nature enables one to recognize the beauty present in her country. Similarly, Felix recognizes that fact that artists play important roles in portraying the natural scenery of a country through paintings or drawings. In his assertions, Thomas Moran is one such artist that spread nature through paintings of national parks. Furthermore, there is a sense of nationalism when artists provide paintings of a country’s nature. On the other hand, it not only the paintings that led to resettlement. I believe other factors like search for better employment or change of environment could have contributed to influx of settlers.

Generally, I agree with both responses that nature played a significant role in America’s identity from the ‘Old World’.