Sample Essay on is it Acceptable to Exploit Our Natural Resources for Progress?

America’s changing values towards nature have seen the rise in the exploitation of its natural resources, which worsened in the 19th century. As one of the developed countries, America has leveraged on natural resources and nature to facilitate economic growth. However, the serious exploitation of the available natural resources has threatened the environment and everything in it, and as a result, the practice has been discouraged.

It is not acceptable for America and the rest of the world to continue with the exploitation of natural resources for progress. First, resource exploitation could lead to the depletion of the available natural resources, which in the long run, could trigger conflicts at the national, regional, and international level. It should be understood that America’s disagreements with several nations have been triggered by natural resource depletion, and this has seen the rise of threats to its stability such as terrorism, civil wars, and nuclear proliferation.

Second, the exploitation of America’s natural resources is highly discouraged because of its effect on global warming, which remains one of the threats to survival in the world today. The depletion of America’s natural resources would mean that there is an increase in greenhouse emissions. As a result, an increase in temperatures would be recorded, and this could seriously cause interference of the ecosystem, biodiversity, as well as the livelihood of Americans and other regions of the world.

In a nutshell, as stressed by international organizations and agencies, the exploitation of natural resources for progress not only in America but also other regions of the world, is not acceptable. It is recommended that countries should identify alternatives to natural resources in their stride towards progress to curb challenges such as regional instability and global warming