Sample Essay on Human beings as part of nature

Human beings are and should always be regarded as part of nature, their ability to influence certain actions that happen in the society today makes them at the center stage of determining the way natural organisms relate in the universe. The fact that they have the all important senses places them at the centre of the universe and with this the sustainability and growth of the universe is dependent on their actions. The interdependence nature of several organisms including plants, animals and the atmosphere is triggered by a certain force, so as the interdependence cycle flows effectively human beings act as the force which triggers the cycle.

The mandate of human beings that leads them to change the behavioral displays making them to efficiently tend to the ecosystem and ensure its sustainability as well as prolonging dependability also proves the reason why they should indeed be part of nature. Understanding the myriad interactions and the imperative impact human beings can bring about while taking caution that the basic forms of nature needs sustainability is of key concern. By changing the way nature is perceived human beings have their own socio-economic and political impacts that should not be overlooked. It is of more concern to ensure that nature and more specifically our habitats are safe for both the current and future generations rather than frequent practices that contribute to the degradation of the society.

The key distinction of human beings and nature is the fact that human beings have the ability to understand the position they in the universe while nature doesn’t recognize anything, it is statutory. The inability to understand our place and the role we play in nature is the main cause of contention bringing about division between man and nature.