Sample Essay on Environment Conservationists

Hetch-Hetchy was about divergent views on how to preserve the environment and its natural resources. The critical issue was whether to build a dam at the mouth of the valley. Two divergent and strong views emerged with the conservationists arguing that natural resources should be used in a more conscience way that to benefit the whole community. Preservationists, on the other hand, argued that nature should be protected devoid of human interference, and it was to be enjoyed for its beauty and not necessarily when using its resources.

My view as a conservationist is that construction of a dam at the mouth of the valley would free the people and the communities from constantly relying on water companies through harvesting the flowing water.  This is compared to the San Francisco residents who were freed from over-reliance on water from the privately owned companies. The valley was remote and protecting it while the community was in dire need of its resources was misleading.

My view is that natural resources should be used for common good; one that will benefit the entire population and not just few individuals. Modification and safe exploitation of natural resources is an act of improving the nature and its resources to ensure multi-use that will yield more benefits to the society. I believe that it is the responsibility of humans to study and safeguard the use of natural resources.

My position is that in the use of natural resources, there should be honesty and conscience on how the natural resources can be transformed and controlled to benefit the whole community, as this will promote the efficiency in developing other natural resources. With this, people will share the opportunity provided by nature and benefits that the nature offers.